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US Zack "FuriousCrumble" Koenigsberg
The Noob Report Vol. 4
INSIDER ESPORTS -- In this week’s report, FuriousCrumble will be resp...
US Zack "FuriousCrumble" Koenigsberg
The Noob Report, Vol. 3
INSIDER ESPORTS FEATURE -- In this weeks The Noob Report, FuriousCrumble th...
US Zack "FuriousCrumble" Koenigsberg
The Noob Report Vol. 2
INSIDER ESPORTS FEATURE -- In this weeks The Noob Report, FuriousCrumble di...

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Dynamic vs Area 51 CSS.CAde_seasonCSS16-5
Netcode Illuminati vs Frag Universityde_seasonCSS16-0
CyberRevolution vs Vision.Valor.Victoryde_seasonCSS16-12
zomblerz vs Crucial Connexionde_seasonCSS7-16
Area 51 CSS.USA vs Hausende_seasonCSS16-0
Area 51 CSS.CA vs Netcode Illuminatide_seasonCSS5-16
Hausen vs Dynamicde_seasonCSS3-16
Frag University vs CyberRevolutionde_seasonCSS0-16
Crucial Connexion vs Vision.Valor.Victoryde_seasonCSS16-9
zomblerz vs Area 51 CSS.USAde_seasonCSS16-6
CyberRevolution vs Area 51 CSS.CAde_dust2CSS16-6
Crucial Connexion vs Frag Universityde_dust2CSS16-0
Vision.Valor.Victory vs Area 51 CSS.USAde_dust2CSS16-0
Hausen vs zomblerzde_dust2CSS7-16
Hausen vs Vision.Valor.Victoryde_tuscanCSS13-16
Frag University vs Area 51 CSS.USAde_dust2CSS16-0
Vision.Valor.Victory vs zomblerzde_dust2CSS16-15
Area 51 CSS.CA vs Crucial Connexionde_dust2CSS7-16
Netcode Illuminati vs Hausende_dust2CSS16-5
CyberRevolution vs Dynamicde_dust2CSS4-16
Dynamic vs Netcode Illuminatide_dust2CSS13-16
SK vs H2Kde_infernoCS16-0
compLexity vs Evil Genuisesde_tuscanCS16-14
Area 51 CSS.USA vs Area 51 CSS.CAde_tuscanCSS11-16
Crucial Connexion vs Dynamicde_tuscanCSS14-16
Netcode Illuminati vs CyberRevolutionde_tuscanCSS0-16
Frag University vs zomblerzde_tuscanCSS0-16
East Coast Offensive vs Underestimatedde_tuscanCS16-7
Underestimated vs compLexityde_infernoCS8-16
Area 51 CSS.CA vs zomblerzde_tuscanCSS15-16
Area 51 CSS.USA vs Dynamicde_tuscanCSS1-16
Netcode Illuminati vs Crucial Connexionde_tuscanCSS13-16
CyberRevolution vs Hausende_tuscanCSS16-12
Frag University vs Vision.Valor.Victoryde_tuscanCSS0-16
CyberRevolution vs Crucial Connexionde_dust2CSS16-6
TARDS vs Finessede_nukeCS0-16
Area51 vs Loadedde_nukeCS6-16
Evil Genuises vs High Rollers Gamingde_nukeCS16-13
Underestimated vs Loadedde_nukeCS4-16
Demonic vs Blight CSSde_infernoCSS11-16
compLexity vs East Coast Offensivede_liteCS14-16
East Coast Offensive vs compLexityde_russkaCS16-10
compLexity vs High Rollers Gamingde_nukeCS16-13
Blight CSS vs Demonicde_tuscanCSS16-10
compLexity vs Finessede_liteCS7-16
Area51 vs Finessede_liteCS4-16
Loaded vs Evil Genuisesde_liteCS8-16
Area51 vs TARDSde_liteCS16-0
Underestimated vs ULTIMAX GAMINGde_liteCS16-12
Immortal 7 vs TARDSde_liteCS0-16
High Rollers Gaming vs Immortal 7de_liteCS16-0
Loaded vs The Heart Break Kidsde_liteCS16-0
Crucial Connexion vs High Rollers Gaming CSSde_tuscanCSS16-0
Netcode Illuminati vs Blight CSSde_tuscanCSS16-10
Area51 vs TARDSde_liteCS16-0
Evil Genuises vs ULTIMAX GAMINGde_liteCS16-13
Crucial Connexion vs Netcode Illuminatide_tuscanCSS16-10
East Coast Offensive vs Underestimatedde_liteCS9-16
East Coast Offensive vs Evil Genuisesde_infernoCS9-16
The Heart Break Kids vs High Rollers Gamingde_liteCS0-16
Frag Dominant vs Gravitas Gamingde_cpl_strikeCS6-16
Paragon of Virtue vs GGNorede_cpl_strikeCS16-4
x3o vs Evil Genuises.CAde_cpl_strikeCS16-5
compLexity vs eMazing Gamingde_cpl_strikeCS16-0
x3o vs Evil Genuisesde_tuscanCS9-16
eMazing Gaming vs Evil Genuises.CAde_tuscanCS0-16
Frag Dominant vs Team Pandemicde_tuscanCS16-15
Gravitas Gaming vs Legacyde_tuscanCS16-15
Team Pandemic vs Pushing The Limitsmp_strikeCOD16-1
x3o vs MoB Gamingmp_strikeCOD0-0
Hostile Faction vs pureEsportsmp_strikeCOD0-0
Dynamic vs backSlashmp_strikeCOD16-11
compLexity vs Evil Genuises.CAde_cpl_strikeCS16-0
iDemise vs North Stars Unitedde_cpl_strikeCS16-10
Legacy vs Evil Genuises.CAde_trainCS16-12
eMazing Gaming vs Gravitas Gamingde_nukeCS0-0
Team 34 vs Frag Dominantde_nukeCS4-16
Evil Genuises vs iDemisede_nukeCS0-0
x3o vs Legacyde_nukeCS16-12
MoB Gaming vs Evil Genuises.CAde_nukeCS7-16
Frag Dominant vs Evil Genuises.CAde_trainCS16-3
x3o vs compLexityde_trainCS16-0
Evil Genuises vs North Stars Unitedde_trainCS16-1
x3o vs iDemisede_dust2CS16-5
eMazing Gaming vs Frag Dominantde_dust2CS16-8
Team 34 vs MoB Gamingde_dust2CS6-16
Gravitas Gaming vs Evil Genuisesde_dust2CS15-16
eMazing Gaming vs North Stars Unitedde_trainCS16-9
No-Namers vs soundHaxde_seasonCSS16-8
PTL Gaming vs Sup Broskide_seasonCSS16-0
MoB Gaming vs eMazing Gamingde_trainCS16-14
Legacy vs Evil Genuises.CAde_dust2CS16-13
combine vs Hobgoblins Rescue Boatde_seasonCSS16-0
Backslash vs 16k-Cssde_seasonCSS16-12
jCp vs BLincde_seasonCSS16-2
Cyber Revolution vs inevitable Loyaltyde_seasonCSS16-3
Control-Gaming vs eNsde_seasonCSS16-4
Team Pandemic vs Hausende_seasonCSS16-10
_Absolution_ vs Blow Your Mindde_seasonCSS16-0
MAKING FRIENDZ vs Growupde_seasonCSS16-3
Synchronous vs Monster-Gamingde_seasonCSS16-5
Evil Genuises vs Frag Dominantde_dust2CS9-16
Team 34 vs eMazing Gamingde_dust2CS7-16
Legacy vs MoB Gamingde_dust2CS4-16
iDemise vs Evil Genuises.CAde_dust2CS15-16
Gravitas Gaming vs x3ode_dust2CS16-13
MoB Gaming vs Legacyde_dust2CS16-4
Frag Dominant vs Evil Genuisesde_dust2CS16-9
Evil Genuises.CA vs iDemisede_dust2CS16-15
eMazing Gaming vs Team 34de_dust2CS16-7
Team 34 vs Evil Genuisesde_forgeCS16-8
x3o vs eMazing Gamingde_forgeCS16-9
Team Pandemic vs x3omp_citystreetsCOD12-16
Frag Dominant vs Dynamicmp_citystreetsCOD5-16
MoB Gaming vs Hostile Factionmp_citystreetsCOD14-16
MoB Deep vs Pushing The Limitsmp_citystreetsCOD16-6
Pure vs Backslashmp_citystreetsCOD16-10
x3o vs Frag Dominantde_forgeCS16-13
Gravitas Gaming vs Evil Genuises.CAde_forgeCS16-15
iDemise vs MoB Gamingde_forgeCS16-3
Team 34 vs Legacyde_forgeCS16-14
PhrenetiK vs Team 34de_nukeCS5-16
Evil Genuises vs Texas AllstarsCS16-4
Texas Allstars vs Team 34CS16-6
Evil Genuises vs Texas AllstarsCS19-17
PhrenetiK vs EmpireCS16-6
Team 34 vs SaevusCS16-13
PhrenetiK vs NetizensCS16-7
Saevus vs DoubletakeCS16-9
Texas Allstars vs Team 34de_dust2CS16-13
Evil Genuises vs EmpireCS16-14
Team 34 vs PhrenetiKde_nukeCS16-5
Texas Allstars vs Netizensde_nukeCS16-10
Evil Genuises vs Doubletakede_nukeCS16-1
Empire vs Saevusde_nukeCS16-10
texasraised vs Sign my Mousepadde_infernoCS16-9
Team 34 vs Netizensde_infernoCS16-6
Team 34 vs texasraisedde_dust2CS16-6
Netizens vs Sign my Mousepadde_dust2CS15-15
Team 34 vs Sign my Mousepadde_trainCS16-7
Netizens vs texasraisedde_trainCS16-14
PhrenetiK vs a perfect imperfectionde_dust2CS16-3
Saevus vs wreckshopde_dust2CS4-16
wreckshop vs PhrenetiKde_infernoCS2-16
a perfect imperfection vs Saevusde_infernoCS1-16
wreckshop vs a perfect imperfectionde_trainCS16-13
PhrenetiK vs Saevusde_trainCS15-15
Evil Genuises vs Empirede_dust2CS16-6
sky vs Governmentde_dust2CS16-7
Government vs Evil Genuisesde_infernoCS1-16
sky vs Empirede_infernoCS15-15
Evil Genuises vs skyde_trainCS16-2
Government vs Empirede_trainCS1-16
Texas Allstars vs Doubletakede_dust2CS16-8
Texas 7 vs Versusde_dust2CS2-16
Versus vs Texas Allstarsde_infernoCS8-16
Doubletake vs Texas 7de_infernoCS16-10
Texas Allstars vs Texas 7de_trainCS16-2
Versus vs Doubletakede_trainCS4-16
Evil Genuises.CA vs eMazing Gamingde_infernoCS16-9
Frag Dominant vs MoB Deepmp_vacantCOD13-16
x3o vs Evil Genuisesde_infernoCS16-12
Frag Dominant vs Evil Genuises.CAde_forgeCS16-10
iDemise vs Legacyde_forgeCS16-11
Team Pandemic vs MoB Deepmp_citystreetsCOD16-6
x3o vs Frag Dominantmp_citystreetsCOD16-5
Dynamic vs MoB Gamingmp_citystreetsCOD10-16
Pure vs Pushing The Limitsmp_citystreetsCOD16-7
Hostile Faction vs Backslashmp_citystreetsCOD8-16
Gravitas Gaming vs MoB Gamingde_forgeCS16-13
Frag Dominant vs MoB Gamingde_infernoCS16-13
Gravitas Gaming vs Legacyde_infernoCS16-4
Team 34 vs iDemisede_infernoCS16-9
Team Pandemic vs Pushing The Limitsmp_vacantCOD16-14
x3o vs MoB Gamingmp_vacantCOD16-14
Dynamic vs Backslashmp_vacantCOD16-13
Pure vs Hostile Factionmp_vacantCOD16-13
x3o vs Team 34de_infernoCS26-23
Frag Dominant vs Legacyde_infernoCS16-10
Gravitas Gaming vs iDemisede_infernoCS21-18
Evil Genuises vs Evil Genuises.CAde_infernoCS16-4
Hostile Faction vs Dynamicmp_vacantCOD16-6
Frag Dominant vs Pushing The Limitsmp_vacantCOD16-4
MoB Gaming vs MoB Deepmp_vacantCOD16-8
Team Pandemic vs Puremp_vacantCOD16-12
x3o vs Backslashmp_vacantCOD16-13
Synchronous vs de_dust2CSS0-0
PUGNACITY vs Second Naturede_infernoCSS0-0
Men2005 vs stormaktde_infernoCSS0-0
Ridiculous Gaming vs vertex^de_infernoCSS0-0
Above vs Aquaforte Whalersde_infernoCSS0-0
Visual Gaming vs Finalede_infernoCSS0-0
Backslash vs anneXde_infernoCSS0-0
x3o vs Gravitas Gamingde_dust2CS11-4
Jax Money Crew vs TBDde_nukeCSS0-0
zomblerz vs Revolution Sportsde_trainCSS6-13
MBCGame HERO vs STX SouLReturn of the KingSC0-2
Masternooks Warriors of Doom vs Cyber Revolutionde_trainCSS13-12
Sway Gaming vs x3ode_trainCS7-16
North Stars United vs Underestimatedde_trainCS8-16
Green Berets vs Gravitas Gamingde_trainCS0-16
BombSquad vs iNsurrectioNde_trainCS16-10
Stacked Like Pancakes vs Something Tastefulbo3CS2-0
Green Berets vs zetsumeiBest of ThreeCS0-0
Essence vs DriftBest of ThreeCS0-0
GGNore vs Enhancedbo3CS2-1
eMazing Gaming vs 2threebo3CS2-0
To the Dome vs Dynamobo3CS2-0
Jax Money Crew vs Paragon of Virtuebo3CS2-1
zeroFaith vs Green Beretsbo3CS2-0
Pulse Gaming vs Arcanebo3CS2-0
Team 34 vs The Realist Projectbo3CS2-0
Select Few vs Hyeng's Money Crewbo3CS2-0
anneX vs PUGNACITYde_trainCSS5-16
Finale vs Second Naturede_trainCSS15-21
Aquaforte Whalers vs Men2005de_trainCSS10-16
stormakt vs vertex^de_trainCSS16-7
Ridiculous Gaming vs quickswitchde_trainCSS16-14
Above vs PRIDEde_trainCSS16-11
Visual Gaming vs Best Kept Secretde_trainCSS16-14
Backslash vs All Businessde_trainCSS16-14
BombSquad vs EFFECTEDde_nukeCS16-0
Green Berets vs MRDbo3CS1-2
Pulse Gaming vs Dynasty Gamingbo3CS2-0
Phoenix Connection vs Devastationbo3CS2-0
North Stars United vs zeroFaithbo3CS2-1
Sway Gaming vs Team 34bo3CS2-0
To the Dome vs The Realist Projectbo3CS2-0
eMazing Gaming vs Paragon of Virtuebo3CS2-1
2three vs FURY GAMINGbo3CS2-0
Enhanced vs Hyeng's Money Crewbo3CS2-0
Something Tasteful vs Arcanebo3CS2-0
iniquity vs EasyCompanyde_nukeCS0-0
Statutory Rape vs Underestimatedde_nukeCS0-16
Snailtrail vs Gravitas Gamingde_nukeCS12-16
iDemise vs x3ode_nukeCS5-16
Dynamic vs Royal Gamingmp_strikeCOD16-10
MoB Gaming vs Zen Mechanicsmp_strikeCOD16-7
MoB Deep vs MainGearmp_strikeCOD16-12
x3o vs BAMFmp_strikeCOD16-1
Green Berets vs North Stars UnitedBest of ThreeCS0-2
plugNplay vs iNsurrectioNde_nukeCS20-26
North Stars United vs ATPde_nukeCS16-13
Green Berets vs zetsumeide_nukeCS16-14
Sway Gaming vs Paragon of Virtuede_nukeCS21-16
Jax Money Crew vs eMazing GamingBest of ThreeCS1-2
Sway Gaming vs The Realist ProjectBest of ThreeCS2-1
MoB Deep vs Pushing The Limitsmp_crashCOD13-16
Mug N Mouse vs Green BeretsBest of ThreeCS0-2
eMazing Gaming vs MoB Gamingmp_crashCOD11-16
FURY GAMING vs Paragon of VirtueBest of ThreeCS2-1
Dynamo vs Team 34Best of ThreeCS16-7
Dynasty Gaming vs ArcaneBest of ThreeCS1-2
MRD vs North Stars UnitedBest of ThreeCS0-2
backfire vs Stacked Like PancakesBest of ThreeCS2-0
Ridiculous Gaming vs anneXde_nukeCSS10-16
PUGNACITY vs quickswitchde_nukeCSS16-2
Above vs Finalede_nukeCSS10-16
PRIDE vs Second Naturede_nukeCSS4-16
PuG KiNGz vs Aquaforte Whalersde_nukeCSS16-3
Best Kept Secret vs Men2005de_nukeCSS9-16
Backslash vs stormaktde_nukeCSS12-16
vertex^ vs All Businessde_nukeCSS16-3
plugNplay vs zetsumeiBest of ThreeCS0-2
Reverse Psychology vs DriftBest of ThreeCS0-1
Dynamic vs Puremp_crashCOD10-16
Zen Mechanics vs Hostile Factionmp_crashCOD9-16
eFlow vs BAMFmp_crashCOD16-15
Royal Gaming vs rSportsmp_crashCOD16-10
MainGear vs ph3nommp_crashCOD16-14
x3o vs Legacymp_crashCOD16-5
Devastation vs Pulse GamingBest of ThreeCS0-0
Phoenix Connection vs Hyeng's Money CrewBest of ThreeCS0-0
x3o vs Puremp_vacant COD15-16
Dynamic vs Legacymp_vacant COD16-5
MainGear vs Zen Mechanicsmp_vacant COD13-16
Hostile Faction vs ph3nommp_vacant COD16-7
MoB Deep vs MoB Gamingmp_vacant COD16-10
eMazing Gaming vs Pushing The Limitsmp_vacant COD10-16
rSports vs eFlowmp_vacant COD4-16
Royal Gaming vs BAMFmp_vacant COD7-16

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