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Excello Picks Up j1n, with savi0r

USA -- Excello, best known for their numerous European CS lineups, has acquired j1n, along with the new pickup of David "savi0r" Park, former CompLexity star.

Excello, who last picked up the former astralis lineup right before WCG Finland, has acquired j1n, a team that has major strides in two of the three leagues they currently compete in; they are first in ESL, fourth in ESEA, and seventh in CEVO Professional.

Along with the move to a new organization, they roster has decide to release a long time teammate for another top pro.  Don "b33f" Frain has been released to make room for David "savi0r" Park, who is best known for his play in the latest complexity roster as well as strong performances in x3o and PoV.

Team captain CJ_B had this to say:

“After talking to Excello's owner Alberto for time and time again, we couldn’t think of a reason not to be a part of the organization. We needed an organization willing to give us the support and backing to get to the next level. Excello is already well known in the European scene, so they don’t need much of an introduction. Playing under Excello will only help us in achieving what we've been working for. With the financial backing and support from their main sponsor Zowie Gear, we'll be attending WCG/ESEA Invite Playoffs LAN under Excello. Also with moving to Excello, we are going forward with a new player. Not new to the scene but to our history with j1n. David will be playing with us as we move forward and prepare for the upcoming events. Support us at #excello throughout all our future endeavors."

Execello owner echoed the feeling, stating that he is “happy to finally announce j1n as our new stone into the North American eSports scene. They have shown the right mentality and I am certain that this will be a great new chapter in Excello's history. Welcome and good luck Excello ones.”


CJ "cJ_B" Banarsee
Christopher "projeckt" Costoso
David "savi0r" Park
Demir "wrd" Decevic
Alex "hazard" Martins

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