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A Gaming Rehab Center?!

INSIDER ESPORTS -- David Kim talks about gaming addiction and the new gaming "rehab" center.

Opinions expressed are my own and not Insider eSports' or their partners.

We all remember the time when video game graphics were just pixels and when game play was just a simple push of the button. However in only a span of simply ten years video games have grown from the simple pixels to beautiful hi definition visuals and complex strategies and maneuvers as you’re playing. With all of these improvements in video games, it’s not surprising that gamers especially competitive gamers would spend hours and hours on end, sitting on their butts playing their respective game.

Unfortunately there are even people who play so much that an addiction is obvious in their daily lives. reSTART an internet addiction rehab center was created to help those addicted to online games such as World of Warcraft, Counter Strike, and more. The cost is $14,500 dollars for a 45 day experience and is covered by some insurance providers.

Now I’m not here to bash on reSTART or anything, I honestly think that internet addiction is a serious problem and that it needs to be addressed. However to fix internet addiction is a rehab center REALLY necessary? There are obviously more plausible ways to fix a person’s internet addiction and I can not see myself as a parent paying over 14 grand to fix my child’s internet addiction.

Haven’t the parents ever thought of just taking the child’s computer away, and if the child doesn’t listen to you and keeps on playing than you must discipline him or her. Obviously the parents who let it slide and just do nothing about it will have problems controlling their child in the future because he or she will believe that they’ll be able to do anything they want and this in turn will create internet addiction and of course because of this very same addiction we’ll constantly see on the news “teenager dies from playing too much video games,” or “internet addiction; a growing pandemic?” This negative publicity is overall just bad for the gaming community and gives misinformed adults the wrong image of gaming.

Many of you might say what if the addicted person is in college and can’t get outside help from his parents? While it’s true that when you’re in college getting assistance from your parents might be somewhat difficult, however that’s why we have people called friends. A good friend would obviously be willing to help someone who’s addicted to internet gaming. Basically your friend would become your accountability partner and in the end just help you through your addiction.

All in all I believe that conquering internet addiction early is just through sheer parental supervision and discipline. I believe a lot of internet addicts are born because the person’s parents don’t have the guts to properly discipline their kids in a correct and functional manner. Believe it or not many reasons why video games are getting a bad reputation over the public is mostly due to bad parenting, and many parents and government officials just use video games or violent video games in general as a scapegoat for their own inequities. I might sound harsh, but it’s a true fact that most parents won’t accept.

As I close me being a personal gamer did have a biased opinion against this rehab center. I honestly think that while addiction is strong and a challenging endeavor to conquer, there are more reasonable and plausible ways to beat addiction. I can deeply respect the reSTART rehab center for choosing to have a program available for internet addicts, but the sheer fact that it would cost some parents over 14 grand just to send their children there is ridiculous, and while some insurance companies would cover the costs, in this current economic climate any reasonable thinking company would not want to send a child to a rehab center for their gaming addiction. Gaming addiction is real, but it’s always conquerable and people should remember that.   

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quote#1 US TheUltimateGamer31 05/09/2009 - 09:35:25
The LIGHT, it BURNS!!!

"Johnny, put the mouse and keyboard/controller down." - Parent


wait, wait, one more.

*insert Arnold voice here*

"We must stop the violent video games NAOW!"

*exit voice*

ummm, sir, what about your violent past? I mean, you go from Terminator then to Kindergarden Cop now?!

*insert voice again*



Sorry, just had to do some of those. But, in all reality, there are a lot of people who don't have the proper information needed to see the truth of America's youth today. They use these differating attributes as scapegoats in society, to hide their own mistakes. Which is why someone needs to stand up in the public eye and wave the finger of justice and go; naughty, naughty, naughty.

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