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TGBF Tonight: Swoozie as a Guest!

TGBF -- TGBF.tv is tonight with Adande "Swoozie" Thorn as the special guest!

In our last show, Smeagol threw down the Console vs PC gauntlet.  This week we follow up on the threads of our last debate by discussing whether the future of gaming lies in consoles, PCs, or both. Our conclusions may suprise you...then again, maybe not.

At the very least we're not getting paid off on this topic...  What do the current statistics say?  Will the boom in netbook sales signal the end of the PC gaming market, or help it skyrocket to new heights?  Is it in Microsoft's interest to try converting the large PC gaming crowd into XBox users?  Will there be a definitive piece of hardware that comes along and ends this discussion for good?

To help us with this debate, we're enlisting the help of sWooZie, most recently seen playing on the WCG Ulitmate Gamer series.  We'll start by learning what he's been up to since the conclusion of his stint as a reality tv star, and find out his thoughts on where the scene is going, and what his place will be in it over the next few years.  NickFitz of X3O will be making a repeat appearance, and with luck we'll be able to find SyN.

Also, we will relate our debate to other important issues in gaming such as team marketing and creating fans out of casual gamers.

Phone lines will be open, as usual, for the entire show.  505.227.TGBF (8423) or skype:calltgbf.

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