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ret Joins ESC.ICY-BOX

ESCGaming.de - After spending two stints on the Templars of Twilight roster, Jos "ret" de Kroon has moved to a new team - none other than rival ESC.ICY-BOX.

 Netherlands Jos "ret" de Kroon is recognized as one of the best, if not the best, foreign StarCraft: Brood War players outside of Korea these days, even being the first player in a long time to take a Best-of-5 series off of Greg "IdrA" Fields. During his StarCraft career, he has spent most of his time with Templars of Twilight, totaling two stints. Now, he has moved on to the main rival to Templars of Twilight, powerhouse ESC.ICY-BOX, home of the former Meet Your Makers roster.

  In their farewell newspiece, Templars of Twilight wished ret the best of luck and had this to say about his departure:

  "We cannot really say anything bad about his decision, because Jos has been one of the greatest Members ToT ever had and we completely understand his decision.

Therefore we wish him the best of luck in his new team, the German team ESC Icy Box. ..."

 ESC themselves seemed excited about the pickup of ret, obviously a heavily coveted player these days by many teams trying to lure him away from the halls of Templars of Twilight.

 In their article announcing his acquisition, they only spoke great things about ret:

 "With his results and a big list of victories and accomplishments (Dreamhack Summer, EMS 2nd, GGnet #1) he has convinced everyone to his agressive and magnificent play style and will prove to be the perfect addition to our squad."

ret himself seemed to be happy about the decision, stating in an interview with ESC that "After years of playing Starcraft, and it taking a ton of time, I felt like it was either time to start getting rewarded for putting in the work, or leave it behind." and "Since I love StarCraft, this was really the only choice for me."

 Source: ESC.ICY-BOX, Templars of Twilight

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