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SK Signs Zneel as Fifth

SWEDEN -- Shortly after the release of longtime member tentpole, SK signs up and coming player, zneel.

SK Gaming, one of the most prestigous eSports organizations in the world, has announced today that they have found a replacement for Kristoffer "Tentpole" Nordlund in Jim "zneel" Andersson.

Jim "zneel" Andersson is best known in the Swedish scene for his great play in begrip.

Zneel seems to be overjoyed as he claimed that “it feels like a dream. I've always had in mind playing in one of the top teams in this world.”

SK-gaming's long time captain Dennis "walle' Wallenber has high hopes for the new player.

"In coming up with a replacement for Kristoffer, a few names popped into our head and all of us agreed that zneel probably would be the best choice for us. We had seen him on different tournaments where had impressed us in the past, so we decided to test him. It is big shoes to fill, but we have a good feeling about this and can't wait to play officially again," walle said on SK Gaming’s website.

Jim "zneel" Andersson will thrown right into the competition as he will be first seen playing at WCG Sweden at Dreamhack this weekend.

SK Gaming's New Roster:
  Marcus "zet" Sundström
  Jimmy "allen" Allén
  Dennis "walle" Wallenberg
  Robert "RobbaN" Dahlström
  Jim "zneel" Andersson  

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