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Tentpole Leaves SK Gaming

SWEDEN -- SK Gaming has confirmed that Kristoffer 'Tentpole' Nordlund has been released from SK Gaming.

SK Gaming, one of the world's strongest organisations and a top Counter Strike team, has released Kristoffer 'Tentpole' Nordlund, citing his lack of motivation as the reason.

"After a good year (with a few too many second places) we learned that Kristoffer lost the energy for the game and eSports. And instead of letting time pass we took the decision to let him go," Andreas 'bds' Thorstensson stated on the SK website.

SK Gaming was most recently seen at the E-Stars Seoul event.

Nordlund, widely considered one of -- if not the -- strongest player on SK, appears to be retiring from eSports.

"Thanks for the support everyone, it really means a lot! Thanks to my family for letting me stay up late as a lil' kid, that's how it all started and that's why I got to experience so much. Thanks to my friends and girlfriend for understanding I sometimes had to play instead of hang out. Come say hi at quakenet, #muskelbyggning and #vxo is where I'll be."

He added that delays in tournament payouts leaves a sour aftertaste from a long and successful eSport career.

SK has made no announcement as to who their new addition will be, but rumors are floating that Jim "zneel" Andersson will be joining the roster in the next few days. Robert "RobbaN" Dahlström, also rumored to be leaving SK, will be staying, according to a forum post by Thorstensson.

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