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Evolution Interview: ESEA Final was Ours

INSIDER ESPORTS -- Klipse sits down with Scott 'evolution' Cavallero after ESEA and the WCG Quiver Shootout, talking about his addition to CompLexity, the rivalry with EG, WCG USA, and some fun bits of information about the team.

Very few names in North America ring in as many ears as Scott 'evolution' Cavallero. From his retorts in forums to his incredible play with CompLexity as of late, his name has become one of the most popular in American CS. I sat down with Scott to talk about joining CompLexity and asked a lot about the budding rivalry with Evil Geniuses.


Most know who you are and your past and most recent accomplishments, but for those who may be ill-informed, who are you?

My name is Scott 'evolution' Cavallero and I’ve been on teams such as Evil Geniuses, MoB Gaming, and now compLexity.

How did you come to the decision to join coL?

After it was found out that David was leaving the team, I messaged one of the guys and ended up playing with them and fitting in quite nicely.

You are considered to be one of the best AWPers in North America; how do you practice your AWP, if you do?

At this point I don't really practice my AWP, but when I was coming up I tried getting my hands on it as much as possible that way I was familiar with many situations and became more familiar with angles and spots teams would play.

Describe your play style, compared to others.

I'd say my style is more aggressive and I try to use my aim to my advantage in a lot of scenarios. However, if there is a time I absolutely have to play patiently I usually can buckle down and not get out of control.

What are some short and long term goals for yourself in gaming?

My short and long term goals are pretty similar in that I just want to attend and win or place well at as many events as possible, either nationally or internationally.


How will coL be preparing for WCG, especially against your main rivals EG?

Regardless of who we're playing against, we will prepare the same way by analyzing our matches and fixing any mistakes that we made.

You recently lost to EG in the ESEA-Invite Finals, do you feel they are the better team or they got lucky?

I don't feel they are the better team. The ESEA Finals was ours to win and we have no one to blame but ourselves. So I'd say it was a combination of them playing well at points, us making mistakes, and some breaks not going our way.

Whether you would agree or not, coL and EG have one of the biggest rivalries in eSports as of late, is there a feeling of wanting to win more against EG?

Of course. We want to separate ourselves from the rest of the pack in North America and then continue on to the international scene.

Besides Counter-Strike, what other games do you enjoy playing?

I don't really play any other games besides CS at the moment. I am looking forward to Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 but that’s about it.

What made coL choose you out of all the other possible players they could have chose to fill savi0r's shoes?

I think Ryan helped in vouching for me as I knew and played with him for about a year’s time, and after playing with the guys initially everything felt very comfortable and I fit well into my given roles.

Do you have any pre-game rituals before a big match on LAN?

Besides a little deathmatch, nothing really.


In a bit of fun, I asked Scott about a few questions he probably hasn't heard before...


If you could Hulk Glove Box anyone in the world who would it be and why?

What the hell is a hulk glove box?! Hahaha.

If you tossed everyone in the coL house into an octagon, who is coming out the winner?

Ahahaha. I’d go with Ryan (Ninespot).

If coL is out at a bar and the team spots a lady, who is the first one to make a move on her and take her home?

Well Ryan has a girlfriend at the moment and I'm seeing a girl as of the past week, so I'd go with Drew, since he’s pretty random and doesn't really care what people think.

Thanks for your time. Do you have any shout outs?

Just a shoutout to all the complexity fans for their support, my teammates, our owners Jason Lake, Jason Bass, and Alex Conroy as well as our sponsors Creative, Puretrak, G8 Clothing, and Fame. Without their support we would not have the opportunity to do what we do in traveling around the world to participate in events.

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The later questions make this interview awesome, but it was great before that.

GJ Klipse.

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