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WGTour.com – With six weeks past, the WGT Titans League is drawing to a close, and things are heating up. Alex “AGar” Gardner recaps the past two weeks of play.

The last two weeks of the Titans League have seen some shocking matches and some not-so-shocking matches. ESC.ICY-BOX rebounded, while Templars of Twilight kept hot on their tail, and RoX.KIS kept their domination going. The bottom teams fell further while the teams in the middle of the pack kept jockeying their positions.

Week 5 saw not one, but two 5-0 sweeps of teams, and both were quite surprising. ESC.ICY-BOX opened up by absolutely demolishing the Poles of ZZZ, not even losing a single game. Streklok, DinOt, Kolll and JF along with the powerful 2v2 of Drewbie and babo rolled over ZZZ's roster and secured ESC's second 5-0 of the season. mTw 360° Gaming followed suit against Old School Reborn, dropping just one game in the 2v2s against them. mTw, who had been bouncing around the bottom of the league, definitely pulled this one out in hopes of not having to worry about playdowns next season.

The other games of week 5 included another RoX win, as well as a faceoff between two higher teams in the division, and a slight upset for one team. RoX.KIS overcame a strong eXpertise lineup winning 3-2, while losing their first 2v2 of the season. However, RoX still looked strong in doing so. Then, Templars of Twilight faced off against Los Reyes del Mambo and crushed the Spanish team, winning with a convincing 4-1. Mondragon, ret, XiaOzI, and HayprO all won their 1v1 matchups with decisive 2-0 victories, while Mondragon and XiaOzI lost the 2v2 closely to Ace and Belladonna. Finally, Speedlink.SC, who had been 1-3 prior to the match, overcame a hardworking NaW team, who had shocked many with wins over eXpertise and ESC.ICY-BOX earlier this season, with a 3-2 score. Delphi, GoOdy and the 2v2 of ZZanG and Delphi overcame a lacking NaW roster which was missing some of their best players.

Week 6 didn't look very different from week 5: RoX.KIS owned another team, and ESC.ICY-BOX, Templars of Twilight and Los Reyes del Mambo all came out on top over their opponents. RoX.KIS continued their dominant fashion, sweeping Old School Reborn 5-0 without losing a game, putting the Russian powerhouse at 6-0 with 30 points. ESC.ICY-BOX got to piece apart eXpertise, and that's just what they did. Only Stalife was able to win any games against the former MYM squad, but his wins were enough to prevent eXpertise the embarrassment of being swept, and ESC walked away with a 4-1 victory. Templars of Twilight wrecked Speedlink.SC, with only Gan losing his matches, and with a Yosh appearance in the 2v2 for ToT. Their 4-1 win kept them hot on the tails of ESC. Finally, Los Reyes del Mambo kept ZZZ's woes going, winning 3-2 over the Poles. Ace, Sweeper and MutaliSk were able to keep the pressure on and win their sets while OctZerg and the 2v2 squad of Dromedar and Ace were unable to secure a more convincing victory. NaW and mTw 360° Gaming did not play due to mTw's need to be at WCG Germany's national qualifiers.

Walking into week 7, RoX.KIS has all but assured a top two spot, while Templars of Twilight and ESC.ICY-BOX are looking to make sure no one else breaks the top three. LRM is really the only team with a shot anymore, so the rest of the league is just trying to stay up in the top six and keep their bids for next season.



  Team Record Points
Russia  RoX.KIS  6-0  30
Germany  ESC.ICY-BOX  4-2  26
European Union   Templars of Twilight
 5-1  24
Spain   Los Reyes del Mambo 
 4-2  18
United States of America   eXpertise  2-4  16
Sweden   Nerds @ Work
 2-3  14
Germany  Speedlink.SC  2-4  13
Germany  mTw 360° Gaming
 2-3  13
Poland   ZZZ  1-5  11
Chile   Old School Reborn
 1-5  9

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