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Blight Adds eMg 1.6 Roster

After their success in the ESEA LAN finals, Blight adds the former eMazing gaming roster

Blight, who made a splash onto the scene after acquiring the dynasty gaming CS team – who went defunct almost immediately after sponsoring the team – had some success with the squad, making ESEA-I LAN finals, although not moving very far along in the brackets. But the organization has decided to make another change, instead releasing the squad, and acquiring the former eMazing gaming team.

eMazing gaming, who stunned the North American scene with the pickup of French player xp3 from NSU, and then proceeded to prove their worth taking the fourth spot, over the then Blight roster and a team of veterans, back2back, is competing in CEVO-P, ESEA-I and are planning to compete at WCG's national event, although without xp3.

Dustin “dizzaman” Dilyerd had this to say about the switch.

Blight was offering us a lot more fiscal backing than eMg. This change would of happened a lot sooner, but we wanted to stay loyal to Mattk [the general manager of eMg] but the actual owner of eMg didn't really show interest in 1.6. So we felt like making this move would be for the best.

Furthermore James ‘foger’ Larsen states his commitment by stating that"

The new squad is going to be doing a lot of promotional deals, playing hard in ESEA and CEVO, as well as bootcamping in a few places and attending European LANs.


Blight's new roster:

United States of America Dustin "dizzaman" Dilyerd
United States of America Chris "truls" Navratil
United States of America Sean "sgares" Gares
United States of America Alex "millipede" Abbott
France David "xp3" Garrido

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