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Insider eSports Version 2 Update

INSIDER ESPORTS – You wanted it, you got it. Owner Michael ‘peawok’ Fleming gives a rundown of things planned for Insider eSports Version 2.

Several months ago, I gave an Insider eSports update, saying that the Insider eSports team was working on Version 2 of the website, scheduled for late in the summer. The team has now decided to pass on information about Version 2, including the list of features planned, things fixed, as well as giving our impressions on it and its progress.

Insider eSports Version 2 is being coded by Scott Becker and was designed by Aaron Vinnik with assistance from Alexandre Misson.  The site has been critiqued by Trevor Schmidt (GotFrag), Alex Garfield (EG) and many others both in eSports and the gaming fields. The site incorporates ideas from ourselves as well as from major North American sites such as ESPN, Fox News, CNN and others.


“The Version 2 website is easily the largest project I have ever undertaken, but it has been an exciting process so far. I am very excited to see how the frontend team uses the site and caters to the thousands who will view it.”
– Scott Becker

Insider eSports is very happy to reveal changes from Insider eSports Version 1 to Version 2.


Changes Include:

-    A much freer and brighter website, unconstrained from sharp boxes like Version 1 has.  The white-background website will allow for an easier read on the eyes, allowing for a longer and easier time on the website. The primary colors are blue and green.

-    A network system similar to that of Facebook and Twitter, which allows readers to interact and share their own thoughts through articles, status updates, and on each other’s user pages.  Don’t worry, forums are still existent.  Users may also add any article to their page, allowing their gaming friends to know what articles they liked and enjoyed.  We hope users are sharing their Insider eSports pages along with their Twitter’s, Facebook’s, and Myspaces!

-    A matchboard located directly on top for easy score browsing, as well as previews for matches and frequently updated box scores.

-    New partnerships allowing Insider eSports to host HLTVs, build contacts for interviews and insider news, and give out free prizes!

-    A broadcast network which will hopefully place all broadcasts in one place. No more searching for matches being broadcasted that night!

-    Traveling to events. Insider eSports will be present at WCG USA in New York City in September, providing news onsite and at home, features, videos and photos onsite and so much more!


“I am very excited for Version 2. Insider eSports wants to help competitive gaming much more than it has so far, and I think Version 2 will be the start of something very special.”
– Michael Fleming

As of right now, we cannot promise an exact date, but expect it sometime in the middle of September. And no, we won’t pull a CSProMod.

We hope you enjoyed this short update, and we plan on giving you more information as we approach the currently unscheduled release date.  We pray you tell your friends about us and our plans, and even ask how you can assist in our efforts.  If you are interested, please view this article for more information.


Stay tuned for more information throughout August and September.

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Can't wait to see it all in action =]

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It looks sweet guys, you'll love it.

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Anything Micheal Fleming does fails, don't expect miracles folks.

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You all will like it. If not, I will hunt you down.

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mike is a boxing champion!

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sounds a lot like digital-vice :

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