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Grubby, cArn on Live on 3 Today

DJWHEAT.TV -- This week's special guests will be e-Stars champions Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen and FNATIC team leader Patrick "cArn" Sättermon.

We will talk to grubby about his recent win streak after a slow start to the year, his orc-mirror match win over Fly100%, Moon not making top 3, the current state of the European Warcraft 3 scene as well as international, and Starcraft 2's near and long-term impact on the future of RTS eSports. The chat with cArn will consist of FNATIC's continued dominance thus far in 2009, how they've been able to stay on top for this long, thoughts on mTw and SK's play, as well as how the Asian teams stack up currently, topping GotFrag's World Rankings, Sweden's ENC lineup, and if this is the best team FNATIC has ever had since the team's inception.

Other topics to be discussed include:

- FNATIC's Call of Duty 4 squad wins the Experience LAN, taking out Team CoolerMaster in the finals, USA's pureSports does not impress.
- sAviOr wins the e-Stars Starcraft heritage tournament, defeating NaDa in the final and also included several other large names isuch as BoxeR and YellOw
- Legendary Counter-Strike player Abdisamad "SpawN" Mohamed, who retired from CS nearly one year ago, signs a new deal with ZOWIE GEAR, a newly formed company in California, speculating rumors that he might return to CS
- The ESL Quake Live Invitational is down to it's final four players, fox, noctis, k1llsen and Spart1e, who will play the finals on Monday
- 20id destroys Evil Geniuses to win the ESEA-I S3 TF2 finals, taking them out 5-0 without much of a fight
- Gravitas Gaming announces Paul "Adrenaline" Baker will join the CS 1.6 squad, benching Shaun "Hostile" Catron in the process
- QuakeCon and BlizzCon coming up! Huge pre-event Live On Three shows to air, giving early predictions and thoughts on both events

View the show here.

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was a good show =]

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