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The Schet List Airs Tonight; Rambo as Guest

TGBF -- Michael Fleming will be on The Schet List again tonight as well as guest Ron 'Rambo' Kim.

The Schet List airs at 11PM EST with Schetter, Smeagol, Rambo and Peawok all spewing about the ESEA Invite finals which took this past weekend.

Other topics likely to come up are Americans (namely CompLexity and EG) vs. the Euros, as well as a short discussion on GameGune, eStars and other eSports happenings over the past week.

Calls will be taken from fans, so watch the stream to call in and ask any of the panelists to answer a question!


TGBF Announcement:

"Season 4 is rapidly coming to a close and that will be the focus of this week's show.  Plenty to chew on from the Invite playoffs this past weekend as well as a look ahead towards next season in the way of front-runners in the Main division, and some 'back to the drawing board' moments for some of the teams that lagged behind in Invite.

Our guest this week is Ron 'Rambo' Kim, we'll definately be talking ESEA Playoffs with him as he witnessed the event first-hand and did a pile of interviews over the course of the weekend.

We're going to do our best to keep this one within an hour, so we'll be getting to the phones throughout the show: (505) 227-TGBF or skype: calltgbf."


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