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ESEA Invite Finals Tonight

ESEA – X3O and Cyber Rev are the two remaining teams left in the playoffs but when the dust settles who will be #1?

CyberRev made their way by dominating the upper bracket with ease to land their spot in the finals.

X3O lost in first round play and had to win their remaining matches against tough opponents and they did just that. By winning against Dynamic 16-1 then beating Vitriolic 16-8 who had given them trouble in the past they have now fought their way into the finals.

Tonight at 10:30 PM EST X3O and Cyber Rev will square up and contend for first place in ESEA as well as $2,000 cash.

During the regular season X3O beat Mike Gaming both times resulting in scores of 16-10 and 16-11 so expect close matches on all the maps played tonight.

Much like TF5IVE, X3O lost in the CEVO finals and look to come out with their hands raised tonight with 1st place.

TGBF.tv will be broadcasting the event, followed by The Schet List afterward.

Stay tuned to Insider eSports as we keep you updated on the ESEA playoffs.

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