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ESEA Grand Finals Recap

DALLAS, Texas - Klipse recaps the Grand Finals matchup between EG and coL.

Insider eSports -- led by writers fenom and klipse -- will be providing recaps of every single series in ESEA. For this last recap, Klipse recaps the grand finals between EG and coL.

EG - fRoD, Warden, Storm, lurppis, n0thing
coL - Irukandji, hero, dboorN, NineSpot, evolution


Since EG was the upper bracket winner and had not lost yet, coL had to defeat EG in two bo3 series which proved to be too much to handle for them.  

After coming from a close win against Gravitas in the Lower Bracket Finals, coL looked to get revenge on their rival EG, but EG had plans of their own.

In the first best of three series series, coL had a dominating performance, beating EG 16-1 on de_nuke and 16-3 on de_inferno.  EG showed little if no life against coL.

Since that was EG's first lost of the tournament, CompLexity would have to win another best of three to win the event.  This was the last series of the tournament and for all the marbles, and both teams played like it was.  The first match was set on de_nuke yet again and EG was certain to make some kind of change after the 16-1 lost they suffered just an hour before on the same map.

coL started out by winning their CT-side pistol, followed by two quick eco rounds.  In the crucial fourth round EG took the upper bombsite, but ended out losing a very important 2v2 situation giving coL the round.  coL had another dominated CT-side similar to their first match earlier on as the half ended 12-3 in favor of coL, it seemed as if EG was destined the same fate as earlier.

EG won their much needed pistol round with huge frags by Storm to open the second half, and after two eco rounds they were up 3-0.  After coL got two nice rounds taking the lower bombsite, it was all EG, locking down all areas of the map with near perfection.  Lurppis had a very nice second half for EG and was a big reason they came back to tie coL's first half score and send the match into overtime.

In overtime – which is set up by five rounds on each side and $10,000 start money – started out in EG's favor, until evolution had a textbook 2v1 clutch giving coL their first round. Evolution's clutch kick started coL into winning four of the five rounds, pressuring EG to do the same or better. EG stepped up to the table and won four out of five, sending the match into double OT.

In the second OT though, it was all EG, winning the first 4-1 and the second 2-1, beating out coL 26-22 after over an hour of fighting.

The second match was finally on a new map, de_train.  Lurppis came out with a huge pistol round for EG, dropping three frags and winning a very close 1v1 with Irukandji.  coL did a risky second round buy, which proved to be the wrong move as Warden and n0thing shut down their inside rush. coL redeemed themselves by winning four straight rounds, giving them the lead 4-3.  

After trading a few rounds, coL came out on top at the half 9-6, with great play by Irukandji.  In the second half, fRoD showed why he has the best lifetime stats of any North American player by winning a 3v1 situation, giving EG the pistol round. EG controlled the next few rounds with big frags from n0thing, going up 5-1.

coL staged a comeback with amazing play by evolution, going on a 3-1 run, cutting EG's margain to 6-4.  That would be the only glimpse of light from coL for the rest of the match as EG ran with the momentum and won out, beating coL 16-14 and repeating as the ESEA-Invite Champions.

Klipse's MVP Vote:

Finals MVP: Lurppis
Tournament MVP: n0thing
Honorable Mention: Irukandji

Overall Standings:

1st: $5,000 - Evil Geniuses
2nd: $2,750 - compLexity Gaming
3rd: $1,500 - Gravitas Gaming
4th: $1,000 - eMazing Gaming
5-6th: $600 - Back2Back Gaming , Blight Gaming

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quote#1 US peawok 27/07/2009 - 15:53:54
Thanks for the recap, Mark!

quote#2 US tehkorean 27/07/2009 - 21:49:00
great recap!

quote#3 US RedruM 28/07/2009 - 17:14:50
I approve of this. great work

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