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ESL Intends To Support StarCraft 2

Fnatic.com - In an interview with Cameron "fams" Carson, David "Affentod" Hiltscher boldly proclaimed the intentions of ESL regarding StarCraft 2.

  In a recent interview on Fnatic's website with Cameron "fams" Carson, David "Affentod" Hiltscher, ESL's Director of Community Management, stated that ESL intends to support StarCraft 2 right from the start, in a format they deem fitting for competition. This makes ESL the first league to openly announce that they intend to carry StarCraft 2 as a competitive platform, but they are not likely to be the last. Also, Hiltscher mentioned that there is a possibilty of StarCraft 2 replacing WarCraft III in the league ranks, further adding to speculation for a dark future fot the slowly drowning scene. One of the likely benefactors of a league like ESL supporting StarCraft 2 is that they are not restricted by the lack of announced LAN support in StarCraft 2, as their competitions take place online.

  ESL's support behind StarCraft 2 is a major boon in pushing StarCraft 2 to the forefront of eSports and helping to bridge the gap between the Korean eSports scene and the rest of the world.

Source: Fnatic.com

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