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EG Takes Down coL In Upper Bracket

DALLAS, Texas -- EG, after a disappointing loss to CompLexity at the WCG Quiver Shootout, struck back to win the Upper Bracket Finals over coL.

Insider eSports -- led by writers fenom and klipse -- will be providing recaps of every single series in ESEA. For our first recap, Klipse recaps the lower bracket matchup between CompLexity.

CompLexity has been in cruise control for most of the tournament, but EG just gave them a beating, winning two maps to one.


Complexity: Irukandji, hero, NineSpot, dboorN, evolution
EG: Warden, fRoD, Storm, n0thing, lurppis


Map 1 - de_dust2

This is the match that most people wanted to see in the grand finals, the two North American powerhouses coL and EG.  coL came out strong with a pistol win as terrorists, with key frags from evolution who some say is the tournament's MVP so far, I slightly disagree.  For EG's first buy round, coL's team leader dRew aka Irukandji had 3 big kills leading a catwalk rush to win the round. 

EG picked up the slack after the 9th round winning 4 out 5 rounds straight, ending the half at 10-5 in favor of coL.  EG won the 2nd half pistol round and for most of the 2nd half the two teams just traded round.  Irukandji led coL to a strong CT performance where EG just could not compete, coL ended out taking the match 16-10, valiant effort to EG.


Map 2 - de_inferno

This is one of EG's betters map and they proved exactly why.  coL won the first round as CT's, and the two quick eco rounds following.  EG had a successful B rush on their 2nd buy round, giving them their first round making the score 4-1 in favor of coL.  n0thing almost had a spectatular 3v1 clutch in B site but was taken down by coL's captain Irukandji.  After being down 7-1, EG staged a meracilous comeback winning 7 rounds in a row, with the help of key frags by and clutches by the finnish superstar lurppis and the lady killer n0thing. 

EG won the first half 8-7, due to coL saving the last the round and not having kits, really EG? did that just happen? yes it did.  For the second half, coL takes their pistol round yet again, with 2 nice glock frags by dboorN tieing it up at 8 rounds a piece.  After coL's pistol win EG locked down the defensive with lurppis and n0thing again leading EG to victory 16-10.

Map 3 - de_nuke

This was the finalizer for this grizzly best of 3 series.  EG had a very nice T-side pistol, fRoD like the James Bond he is,  had the ace on coL with the usp giving EG the 1-0 lead.  coL had a very nice eco, getting it down to a 1v1 between evolution and Warden but Warden like a tiger pouncing its prey took down evolution with a nice galil headshot.    dboorN had a beatiful 3 kill round in the 4th round giving coL their first round making the score 3-1.  After coL gets 3 straight gun rounds, EG finally takes a successful upper rush with 2 key frags from the silent by deadly Storm in the upper bombsite improving EG's lead to 4-3.

 coL answered back with a partial buy win and 3 kills by Jason, I mean Derek 'dboorN' Boorn.  EG started to abuse their upper rush, and once a team gets into that momentum where they take the upper bombsight its very hard to stop.  EG took the upper bombsight 5 rounds in a row, ending the half at 10-5 in favor of them.  coL won their T-side pistol which they seem do on every single map they play, even though fRoD almost had the clutch for EG getting 3 kills with the usp. 

EG won the all important 4th round, shattering my hopes and my predictions I made earlier, improving their score to 11-8.  Hero answered back with a nice 2v1 clutch on Storm and Lurppis to stop the EG momentum and bring coL back in it.  Lurppis shattered all hopes of coL's inside rush with his 3 famas kills in the upper bombsite.  NineSpot had a textbook 2v1 bombsight hold against Warden and Storm improving the score to 13-10 cutting the margain to 3 rounds.  But that will be the last glimpse of hope for coL, as the EG train proved to much to handle and they take the match 16-10, moving onto the Grand Finals and shot at the $6,000 and title of ESEA-Invite Season 2 Champions.



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