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Gravitas Gets Revenge on eMg

DALLAS, Texas – Fenom recaps the matchup between Back2Back and Gravitas.

Insider eSports -- led by writers fenom and klipse -- will be providing recaps of every single series in ESEA. For our first recap, Fenom recaps the lower bracket matchup between eMg and Gravitas.

eMg and Gravitas Gaming faced off again for the second time in the ESEA Invite LAN playoffs event, this time in a "win or go home" scenario. During the first match-up, hostile and sgAres were getting at each other as hostile during the LANasked sgAres if he wanted to step outside for some fighting action.

Instead, they fought it out in-game.  Here’s what went down in the Gravitas vs. eMazing Lower Bracket matchup.


Map 1 - de_nuke - Final Score: 16-10 eMazing Gaming

eMg dominated this match for much of the game, led by Dizzaman.

Dizzaman really proved himself today, dropping a 30bBomb against hostile and his team.

Gravitas – not playing to their best ability – now were down a map and knew they would have to pick it up. goodfornothing is would have to prove why he is one of the best leaders in ESEA Invite to get his team back in the game.

Map 2 - de_dust2 - Final Score: 16-14 Gravitas Gaming

This match was all impulsive from Gravitas Gaming as he was brutal, barely missing a kill he went 33-18 the entire match. This is the reason why GG didn’t lose this match. Without impulsive, Gravitas would have easily lost this game. Impulsive, however, kept them in it.

Xp3 also showed why he was a great pick-up.

This match was a better match for goodfornothing as well, as everything went well for him; his nades fell into place and he got the kill. He really helped Gravitas out a lot and was another key reason why they picked up the win this match.

Map 3 - de_inferno - Final Score: 16-8 Gravitas Gaming

What happened to eMg?

They beat Gravitas Gaming in their first encounter, but ultimately performed worse as time wore on. Perhaps it was them getting tired, but I think it was Gravitas’ momentum. They had it running.

The momentum and impulsive and goodfornothing’s handiwork just mixed well and helped boost the team as a whole.

Goodfornothing did very well, locking himself a 1.0 FPR for the match.

Xp3 did not really do as well as most would expect. He rarely got frags, but when he did, it still didn’t help his team too much.

Gravitas is now moving up and eMg has been eliminated from the event. Great game.

Gravitas Gaming, EG and coL are the three teams that were also the final three in WCG Quiver Shoot-out. Gravitas will be looking to place higher than third like they did at WCG, while EG is looking to knock CompLexity off from their current “best NA team” pillar.

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