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eStars Seoul Grand Final Preview

SEOUL, Korea -  The eStars Seoul StarCraft Heritage League Grand Final is tonight, pitting The Tornado Terran against The Maestro in a sure-to-be awesome best-of-3.

The eStars Seoul StarCraft Heritage League has reached the Grand Final, and what an epic match we have in store. The Grand Finals feature's one of the historic rivalries of professional Brood War, and it will be renewed once more when Lee Yun Yeol and Ma Jae Yun take to the booths for a best-of-3 that is sure to inspire even the most casual Brood War fan.

Semifinal Results

[ReD]NaDa 2:1 SlayerS_`BoxeR`

[NC]..YellOw 0:2 IPXZerg[gm]

[ReD]NaDa vs. IPXZerg[gm]

NaDa vs. sAviOr is one of the greatest TvZ rivalries, ranking up with BoxeR vs. YellOw and iloveoov vs. Julyzerg. Each of them have their fair share of titles, and both have a lot in common. Both walked the Royal Road. Both have won 3 MSLs. Both have qualified for the most MSL finals for their respective race (NaDa – 6, sAviOr – 5). Also, these two revolutionized the TvZ matchup for each race, NaDa popularizing SK Terran then sAviOr countering it with his defiler play. Both of these players are the last of the old guard of players where bonjwas were definitive and the metagame was still shifting constantly. Before everyone became a mechanical monster. Before there was Flash-Jaedong, there was sAviOr-NaDa.


NaDa exploded on to the scene right after BoxeR, winning 3 consecutive KPGA tours (the predecessor to the MSL). His incredible management was amazing to the scene and he had an influence on every matchup. His Tornado Terran style in TvP earned him said nickname, while his popularizing of the SK Terran (named after an early Terran player SoulKey) vs. Zerg opponents set the standard for TvZ play. His real claim to fame, however, is his success and longevity. NaDa won his first MSL in 2002, while winning his 3rd OSL and Golden Mouse in late 2006. He is the most decorated progamer in history, with 9 gold medals and 6 silvers to his credit. No other progamer comes close to his tally. His moving run in 2006 for his 3rd OSL following the death of his father showed how much heart that NaDa had, and was one of the most emotional runs ever.

SaviOr's rise began in 2005 when he one his first MSL over Reach. He qualified for the next four MSL finals, winning two more while also winning the 2006 3rd Shinhan Bank OSL in early 2007, walking the Royal Road in the process. His ZvP was nigh untouchable unless your name was Kang Min, while his ZvT and ZvZ were just as amazing. His dominance was simply amazing, and no one could stand in his way during his prime. No one except Bisu.

The history between these two is best shown in early 2007, during the Shinhan-3 OSL finals, where the two met. NaDa was on his quest for his 2nd consecutive OSL and his 4th overall. SaviOr was at the end of his reign, searching for his first OSL. In a run that seemed unlikely, with maps stacked against him, sAviOr had beaten some of the best progamers en route to this final, and he was not to be denied. His ZvT obliterated NaDa 3-1, and sAviOr claimed his coveted OSL. However, NaDa got his revenge a short while later in the Shinhan Masters tournament, where he returned the 3-1 favor, claiming yet another title.

These two are 1-1 in event finals. This is it, this is the way to decide who is likely to go out on top once and for all.

Game 1: Python


It's only fitting that the first match is on Python, the map that dominated league play for most of 2007. These two both have a decent amount of games on the map, and it should make for a great bio TvZ game. However, I have to give the edge to sAviOr. He's got the better standing on the map, and he showed the stronger games last night.

Prediction:NaDa 0:1 sAviOr

Game 2: Destination


Game 2 sets itself on Destination, the new replacement for Python as one of the most used maps in Brood War. The map slightly favors Terran, but is versatile enough to see bio or mech play. I hope we see another bio TvZ, where I think NaDa will even up the score.

Prediction: NaDa 1:1 sAviOr

Game 3: Neo Medusa

Neo Medusa

The deciding set is on Neo Medusa, where Zergs tend to get favored a bit. I think that sAviOr is the hungrier competitor right now, and is looking desperately for a win. Also, this is the map where sAviOr took NaDa down two nights ago to clinch first spot for their group.

Prediction: NaDa 1:2 sAviOr

That's the preview for this event. Be sure to tune in and catch Tasteless and Artosis' english commentary of the games on the ESL stream.

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