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Gravitas Takes Down Back2Back

DALLAS, Texas – Klipse recaps the matchup between Back2Back and Gravitas.

Insider eSports -- led by writers fenom and klipse -- will be providing recaps of every single series in ESEA. For our first recap, Klipse recaps the matchup between Back2Back and Gravitas.

Map 1 - de_dust2

This was a very close match that shifted momentum every round. zid and nAZ for d2b had a bunch of key frags which helped d2b lead at half 10-5. Gravitas won the 2nd half pistol, with goodfornothing coming up big for them.

GG also won the following two eco rounds, cutting d2b's margain to 10-8. A first buy round victory came with another big round by GG's captain goodfornothing.  With the score tied 10-10, hazard had a nice three kill round giving the lead back to d2b. zid followed up with a huge three kill AWP round giving d2b some breathing room with a two round lead, 12-10.  

Gravitas grabbed control of the match after that, thoMz had a huge 8th round killing 3 inside the A bombsite.  d2b was not out of it yet, zid had yet another huge round winning a 1v1 inside the B bombsite.

The next round iNERTiA had a huge clutch round, winning a 2v1 against ben_st and goodfornothing to tie it up at 13 apiece. After d2b getting a round making it 14-13 in favor of them, thoMz came up big again with a 4 kill round tieing the match at 14.  After that it was all GG, winning the last two round with ease.

Map 2 - de_inferno

This match was more of a blowout, Gravitas played the way we all were waiting for, dominating d2b the whole match.  GG started by winning a very close T-side pistol round taking an early 1-0 lead. After their pistol win, it was smooth sailing for GG, winning the rest of the round with ease making the half score 13-2 in favor of GG.  

d2b was simply outplayed the whole map, great play by impulsive and ben made for an easy GG win.  On the second half d2b showed some light, winning their pistol round and winning six straight, but all GG had to do is win 3 and they did it. This knocks Back2Back out of the competition.

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