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EG Destroys eMg

DALLAS, Texas - Klipse recaps the Round 2 matchup between eMg and EG.

Insider eSports -- led by writers fenom and klipse -- will be providing recaps of every single series in ESEA. For this next recap, Klipse recaps the Round 2 matchup between eMg and EG.

Map 1 - de_inferno - Final Score: 16-10 Evil Geniuses

This match pretty much ended out the way I predicted; inferno is one of EG's better maps and they proved that in this match.  EG won their T-side pistol and the crucial first buy round for eMg.  eMg bounced back winning a partial buy 5th round and 6th round.  Jorden "n0thing" Gilbert was the standout player for EG on their T-side, leading them with frags.  Storm had an amazing 2v1 clutch for EG inside the B bombsite in the final round of the first half.  The first half was pretty calm with EG dominating their terrorist side, with the half score ending as 12-3 in favor of EG.  eMg came out winning the second half pistol as terrorists with the help of eMg's MVP sgAres who had 4 frags in the round.  EG pretty much dominated after thier save rounds getting 15 rounds quickly, but once the pressure was on, eMg won four rounds in a row. However, it still wasn't enough to take down EG.


Map 2 - de_nuke - Final Score: 16-6 Evil Geniuses

This match was more of a blowout than I expected.  EG won a quick T-side pistol and the two following eco rounds going ahead 3-0.  Storm had another huge clutch round winning a 3v1 in the 5th round, improving EG's lead to 4-1.  EG pretty much dominated their T-side in the first half, sgAres for eMg had some key AWP shots allowing eMg to win the 12th and 13th rounds.  But eMg's momentum was crushed after n0thing had a three kill clutch in the 14th round, making the half score 11-4 in favor of EG.  n0thing had yet another clutch round in the 2nd half pistol round, winning a very nice 2v1.  From that point it was all EG, taking the match in convincing fashion 16-6.

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