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compLexity Wins Over Back2Back

DALLAS, Texas - fenom recaps the Round 2 matchup between Back2Back and compLexity.

Insider eSports -- led by writers fenom and klipse -- will be providing recaps of every single series in ESEA. For this recap, fenom recaps the Round 2 matchup between Back2Back and compLexity.

compLexity came into the ESEA Invite LAN Playoffs previously winning WCG Quiver Shoot-out with ease. Now, with their confidence set high, will they be able to pull off another win and become the ESEA Invite Champion? This match-up will decide. As for Back2Back they are coming off a 2-0 win against Blight.usa.

Map 1 - de_inferno - Final Score: 16-1 compLexity

WOW! complexity really did work! In the regular ESEA Invite season, compLexity never lost a match on de_inferno, so there was no doubt it was their best map and they knew it from head to toe, and Back2Back stood no chance whatsoever. Hazard and zid played extremely poorly only getting 1 frag a piece T-Side. compLexity took the half with evolution leading the team with the score of 26-7. His aim was marvelous, if the people from Cold Case files could do a report on his aim they would say he didn’t miss a shot. He helped his team win this map no doubt. Ninespot, although he was bottom fragging, really put up a great defensive system. Although he wouldn’t get the frag he would make them rotate or re-think their strat and this helped into play for compLexity’s win over B2B.

Map 2 - de_nuke - Final Score: 16-14 Back2Back

Is Hazard online? I really can’t tell but de_nuke was a great map for Back2Back to wall compLexity and pick up the win they needed. complexity should have come with a better attitude, but instead they gave Back2Back a 10 round winning streak which really boosted their confidence. compLexity’s terrorist side was anything but amazing, because they were lost. On the other hand, Spyro made his shots, and held down squeaky room and hut to help defend the upper bombsite tremendously. Now back to Hazard – he really does know his wall spots, because most of his kills were, of course, by spam. Back2Back saved themselves from elimination on this map by defeating compLexity 16-14.


Map 3 - de_dust2 - Final Score: 16-8 compLexity

This map is the map that decides it all! As over-played as this map is, it’s a great map for both teams. compLexity should change their team-name to “Eco-Kings” because wow they really show-up during eco’s and win their eco-rounds. They probably lost 2-3 eco-rounds this whole event – really. Hazard played B and really used the spam spot to his advantage BUT he didn’t know when to stop spamming, so he would be low on ammo or he would be reloading and here comes compLexity to pop him and take the site. This match was really a trading rounds game, both teams played equally. But compLexity pulled it together on T-Side and just decided it was time to end this. Zid hasn’t been playing to the best of his abilities this whole event but he needs to start since his team is close to elimination if they lose their next match against Gravitas Gaming.

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