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Back2Back Sweeps Blight Gaming

DALLAS, Texas – Feom recaps the Round 1 matchup between Back2Back and Blight.

Insider eSports -- led by writers fenom and klipse -- will be providing recaps of every single series in ESEA. For our first recap, Klipse recaps the Round 1 matchup between Back2Back and Blight.

Most expected for Back2Back to beat Blight.usa with superior skill, but Blight's poor play was more the reason for their 2-0 loss in this series.


Map 1 - De_dust2 - Final Score: 16-7 Back2Back

This match wasn't really what anything had in mind and although Blight lost this match, they played well and their players, like cJ_B, stepped up to win 1v2's and 1v1's.

But that wasn't enough, however.  B2B had the momentum and was running with it. sfX, the newest addition to Blight.usa's team, played extremely well, top fragging for his team and always encouraging them win or loss.

The rest of Blight, however, played sloppy; flashing their own team, rushing when not suppose to and losing 1v3's which certainly disappointed them. Back2Back played phenomenal both halves taking this match with no surprise.

Map 2 - De_train - Final Score: 16-4 Back2Back

Certainly nothing new here for Back2Back, as their practice schedule is 6 hours a day and this match really proved it.

Both halves were a walk in the park for them as Blight couldn't manage to stop them. Most of Blight's rounds came through luck in positioning and this doesn't really help when your facing experienced teams such as Back2Back.

Inside was nearly impossible for Blight to take, as Back2Back executed their nades just in time to get Blight at a really low HP as soon as they entered the site. Back2Back rotated quickly and stopped any inner push, giving them a 2-0 win in the series.

Now Back2Back moves on to face notorious and perhaps favorite team for the event, compLexity.

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