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eMg Surprises Gravitas

DALLAS, Texas – Klipse recaps the Round 1 matchup between eMg and Gravitas.

Insider eSports -- led by writers fenom and klipse -- will be providing recaps of every single series in ESEA. For our first recap, Klipse recaps the Round 1 matchup between eMg and Gravitas.


Well, it wasn't what most expected. eMg only narrowly lost in map one and dominated Gravitas in map two. They recieved redemption for map one, however, in the third map, winning 16-14. Here is a recap of the eMg vs. Gravitas series.


Map 1 - de_dust2 - Final Score: 21-15 Gravitas


This first match was nothing short of suspenseful.  Gravitas and eMg traded rounds back fourth until it led to the matches practically imminent overtime. Both teams had very strong T sides, accompanied by weak CT sides.

For Gravitas, impulsive was the standout player; after a weak first half he came back strong in the second half as a terrorist and had some key ak47 kills that helped Gravitas send it to OT.

For eMg, it was sgAres who was the impact player, playing alone in the A bombsite awping cat walk for the most part.  He had a lot of key entry frags when GG hit catwalk and was the reason they won those rounds.  

In overtime ben_st had an amazing 1v1 clutch round against Xp3, that jump started Gravitas to win OT. I think hostile also said a record 172 "Later Faggots" in his shit talking conquest during the match.


Map 2 - de_train - Final Score: 16-5 eMg

This match was surprising to say the least. I did not expect to see this type of blowout. A lot people in the CS community consider eMg to be an "online" team, performing much better online than they do on LAN, but this match proves them wrong. eMg came out strong winning thier T-side pistol, and kept that momentum through the entire T-side, eventually winning 10-5.

For eMg, sgAres was again the standout player, awping the inner bombsite to near perfection.  Gravitas just had too much on their plate, and couldn't rally a comeback on T-side, getting dominated on the second map.

Map 3 - de_inferno - Final Score: 16-14 eMg

This was the deciding match, and both teams played like it was.  Dizzaman had a big first half for eMg, getting a bunch of clutches and entry frags on the T-side.  Gravitas came back after losing pistol, eventually tying it up at five rounds a piece. 

After that though, it was all eMg taking four of the last five rounds, ending the half 9-6 in favor of eMg.  As for the second half, Gravitas came out strong winning pistol and the two eco-rounds after.  Dizzaman and sgAres continued to be the standout players for eMg, both having strong CT sides.  Gravitas fought back from a 14-11 deficit, winning three rounds in a row, but it was not enough to win the match.



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