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E-Stars Seoul Final 4 Preview

SEOUL, Korea – The eStars Seoul StarCraft Heritage tournament is winding down, with the final four standing players playing tonight.

When e-Stars Seoul was announced, the ten StarCraft representatives brought back memories of nostalgia and chills down fanboys' spines. The rivalries that would be renewed, the possible epic games that we would see. Now, after five days of group play, the final four is set, and boy is it gonna be big.



SlayerS_`BoxeR` vs. [ReD]NaDa

Two of the most influential Terran players of all time are going toe-to-toe tonight. BoxeR, the original bonjwa and the Emperor himself, will be squaring off in a best-of-3 series against NaDa, Tornado Terran, who is the most decorated progamer in history (3 OSL titles, 3 MSL titles, 3 MSL runner-up finishes, and various special event golds, silvers and bronzes). When these two meet, the games will surely be fierce. BoxeR is historically the only bonjwa who was able to stay competitive with his successor, so we are almost guaranteed a good game.

The best-of-3 series features Outsider, Destination and Neo Medusa. The first set on Outsider is likely to go to NaDa, as the map favors a more mechanical, modern play style. BoxeR probably has a creative build up his sleeve involving mineral hopping units, but I think that his flair won't be enough on this map. The next map is Destination, and the Emperor should really shine here. The two player map is notorious for unorthodox builds, fitting BoxeR's style perfectly. Going into Neo Medusa, the third game is where heart and mind split ways. Deep down, I want BoxeR to win this game, and I know he can. But then reality sets in, and NaDa is likely to win – he's avoided military service thus far and is the more active of the two. Still, I'm going to let the inner fanboy come out and predict that BoxeR does something outrageous and wins. After all, he did nuke YellOw last night.

Prediction: SlayerS_`BoxeR` 2:1 [ReD]NaDa


IPXZerg[gm] (sAviOr[gm]) vs. [NC]..YellOw

The first match showcases two of the greatest Terrans of all time, so it is only fitting that the second match showcases two of the greatest Zergs of all time setting us up for a TvZ final (look at all the great rivalries of the past – they're TvZ). The first overmind to enter the booth is the artist formerly known as IPXZerg[gm], The Maestro himself, Ma Jae Yun, sAviOr[gm]. Ma Bonjwa is indeed the most dominant Zerg of all time, capping off his dominance with a Royal Road run for the OSL. On the other end, we have Storm Zerg, the perennial bridesmaid, Hong Jin Ho – [NC]..YellOw. Indeed, YellOw is more famous for never winning a starleague than anything else, but to his credit, he was the best Zerg around for a long time running. A fight between these two will be absolutely incredible.

The best-of-3 series orders the maps differently – Outsider, Neo Medusa and Destination. The games are tough to call for a number of reasons. First, both players have been playing well in this tournament, and also, both are relatively inactive outside of it. While sAviOr made the Ro32 for the Avalon MSL, he was quickly eliminated 1-2 in the Round of 32, while YellOw hasn't appeared in a star league for as long as I can remember. sAviOr's ZvZ has also been off the mark lately, making him an unsure pick. However, this is his chance to get a bit of a resurgence in his game, and YellOw once more will miss out on a title.

Prediction: IPXZerg[gm] 2:1 [NC]..YellOw

Tomorrow will conclude the StarCraft Heritage League with the Grand Final, sure to be must-see-TV for any fan, whether you follow religiously or only know the name BoxeR. ESL will be streaming the games tonight with live English commentary by Tasteless and Artosis themselves, so be sure to tune in

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