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ECO League Releases Anti-Cheat

ECO LEAGUE – ECO League, one of the newest and widely anticipated leagues for North America, have released their anti-cheat client and will be launching the season shortly.

ECO League, founded and run by many of the CAL administrators who were left out in the cold after the league closed down indefinitely, has announced that their first version of their own anti-cheat client. It functions much like the client that CAL once used and must be started before the match.

In addition to this, they have changed their penalties to cheating, extending all the lengths of the penalties substantially.

Full details from their announcement are below:

As the season gets closer and closer we've decided to release version 1.0.0 of our ACS. The program is extremely simple to use. Download the .zip from our Files page and then simply extract the exe.

You must then log in to your ECO account (same as your forum account). Then it will list games in which you are participating. Once you choose a game it will have a list of matches for your team(s).

It is extremely important that you launch ACS and click the "Start Match" button BEFORE launching your game. Failure to do this can result in a suspension for improperly running ACS. Once you've finished your match you should click on "Finalize".

Failing to run it as described above is likely to result in your suspension. Failing to run ACS at all will be punished more severely than running it improperly.

We've also modified our suspension rubric a bit. For complete changes please read the following forum thread:


The changes affecting ACS are:

Failure to run ACS properly
This includes the scenario where you run ACS, but do not run it properly. For example: if you launch the game before the client.

1st Infraction: 1 Week
2nd Infraction: 1 Month
3rd Infraction: 3 Months

Failure to run a complete ACS Session
This includes the scenario where you run ACS, but do not run it for the entire match. It is up to the AC manager for your game to decide what the threshold is for "minimum time in ACS" for the penalty to fall into this category as opposed to failure to run ACS at all.

1st Infraction: 1 Week
2nd Infraction: 1 Month
3rd Infraction: 3 Months

Failure to run ACS
This includes the situation where you do not run ACS at all.
1st Infraction: 2 Weeks
2nd Infraction: 2 Months
3rd Infraction: 6 Months


Insider eSports will be covering the new league with over 850 teams extensively, so keep your browser locked to the site.

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quote#1 US peawok 24/07/2009 - 19:37:15
ECO looks promising. good luck to them.

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