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X3O, CyberRev Set for ESEA Invite Finals

ESEA – X3O won back to back games last night in a double header to advance to the ESEA Counter Strike: Source Invite Finals.

Last night X3O surprised us with not one but two matches.

Their first match of the night was against Team Dynamic in the first round of the Loser’s Bracket on de_nuke.

X3O manhandled Team Dynamic by winning the first half 14-1 as counter-terrorists and that was the only round of the night Team Dynamic would gain. X3O made quick work on their terrorist side by winning the first two rounds and that was all she wrote.

AZK top fragged for X3O with 26 frags and a remarkable stat of only four deaths. Meanwhile, not a single person reached double digit frags for Team Dynamic the entire match as Ericc was the closest with nine frags.

Dynamic is now eliminated from the playoffs and X3O moves on to play their good “friends” at Vitriolic. In the past six meetings between the two teams, Vitriolic has clearly had X3O’s number beating them all six times.

But the tides turned last night as X3O came out over Vitriolic in the second round of the elimination bracket winning 16-8 on de_inferno.

Last night was the best I’ve seen X3O play in a long time. They were very poise and played with tremendous teamwork. They didn’t panic when a scenario wasn’t in their favor and they were able to retake the bombsites on many occasions last night.

PEX top fragged for X3O that match with 22 frags but it was a collective team effort of frags that helped X3O get over the hump and finally beat Vitriolic NA.

More information on last night’s matches can be found here.

Now the stage is set for the ESEA Finals and I am glad that both teams made it. They are the best two teams in the game and deserve to have a chance to claim ESEA supremacy.

No match time or date has been set just yet.

Stay tuned to Insider eSports as we keep you covered on the rest of the ESEA playoffs.

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