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eStars Seoul East vs. West Recap; WeMade Fox Dominates

SEOUL, South Korea -- An unstoppable WeMade Fox team headed into the e-Stars event with high hopes and expectations. Known as the team for the East, they would need to carry their team to victory against Fnatic, SK, and mTw.

And they definitely held up their side of the bargain.

WeMade Fox started things off with a match against one of the most prestigious and dexterous teams in the world, SK Gaming on de_nuke. The well prepared WeMade Fox started the first half on the terrorist side where they demolished SK gaming with an 11-4 lead heading into second half. Having the momentum, WeMade Fox continued to plow SK Gaming in the second half where they ended up defeating SK Gaming with a score of 16-4, a complete embarrassment for SK. Min-Soo “Glow” Kim of WeMade Fox demolished everything that was in his path, helping his team to victory.

WeMade Fox had to face yet another powerhouse team from Denmark called mTw on de_inferno. WeMade Fox started off on the counter-terrorist side where they had a great start leading 10-5 into the second half. The South Koreans were on a roll winning round by round until mTw started anti-strating them. mTw started gaining momentum as they started to shut down the WeMade Fox team. The Koreans kept coming back and knew that they weren’t going to stop here. They upset mTw, the fans, and the world as they defeated one of the top tier teams in the world with a score of 16-13.

The red hot South Koreans weren’t in the clear just yet. They had to face the number one team, Fnatic from Sweden on de_train. This was a big test for the rising team. Fnatic started off the match on the terrorist side and WeMade Fox on the counter-terrorist side. During the match fnatic won seven rounds on the terrorist side, but WeMade Fox put a stop to fnatic’s round winning streak as WeMade Fox caught up and won the half with a score of 8-7. The South Koreans knew they would have to upset the number one team on a harder offensive half. Leading into the second half, nothing could stop the South Koreans from victory though as they upset the Fnatic squad with a score of 16-10.

WeMade Fox still had one more match before they claim victory for the East team. They had to face the crazy Swedes from SK Gaming on de_aztec. A very intense first half ended with WeMade Fox ahead of SK Gaming with a score of 9-6. Second half began with WeMade Fox losing the pistol round and the next two rounds. WeMade Fox wouldn’t stop without a fight as they started to win rounds and gain momentum. SK Gaming answers back by winning two straight rounds causing WeMade Fox to become deprived of money. SK Gaming gained momentum and shut down WeMade Fox 16-14. WeMadeFox put up a great fight against the renowned SK Gaming, but it wasn’t quite enough.

TyLoo, a Chinese team, went on to win eStars East vs. West for the East team.

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