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GameGune 2009 Groups Complete

BILBAO, Spain -- The eight groups have settled with Crack Clan, Dignitas and Millenium missing out.

The dust has settled on GameGune 2009's eight groups, leaving a few surprises in it's path.

Group A went almost by the book, with WICKED easily dominating the competition and ESC Gaming placing second, losing only to WICKED. Group B became a bit more interesting, as the only English team, Dignitas, missed the bracket play by only two rounds; DELTA eSports will take the second seed.

Team ALTERNATE and TitaNs advanced from Group C, as expected, and Group D saw DTS and eSports-Eu moving on as the first and second seed, respectively.

SeVen dominated the Group E competition, beating TBH 16-14 and destroying Millenium 23-7. Millenium, without a win, will not advance to the brackets.

Crack Clan also will miss out on the brackets as their 1-2 record was not strong enough to advance. Unibet, the team in the group that should not have beaten the, will advance instead.

Emulate and K1ck eSports Club will advance from Group G and Virtus.pro and x6tence will move on from Group H.

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