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ESEA LAN Playoff Preview

DALLAS, Texas -- This weekend the ESEA league will be holding their LAN playoffs in Dallas where the best in North America will be attending to see who truly holds the 1.6 crown.

By: David “Tehkorean” Kim
Opinions expressed are mine alone and not Insider eSports'.


There will be six teams attending these teams including Evil Geniuses, Complexity, Back 2 Back, eMazing Gaming, Gravitas Gaming, and Blight Gaming.

The other two teams who were supposed to attend – Sway Gaming and Grid05 – were unfortunately not able to attend the event and thus Complexity and EG will obtain BYES for the first round of the playoffs.

Here is a breakdown of the teams:

Evil Geniuses

Team EG has been at the top of the North American CS for a while now, and has also attended international events as well such as DreamHack. While EG does currently stands at a 14-2 record, all of these matches were played online and as many know the ESEA playoffs will be held on LAN, which will allow the players to play perfectly with no lag or other problems.

That comes to my next point, as EG has not been very consistent when it comes to LAN. It’s proven after EG’s disappointing showing at the WCG Quiver shootout where they lost against Complexity 16-3 and Gravitas Gaming 16-2.

Despite the results I still believe EG is a strong contender to win the ESEA playoffs, but to do so they’ll definitely need to bring their A game. It’s do or die for them, really. They need to show that CompLexity isn’t twenty steps ahead of them.


Complexity has had a history of being one of the best in North America and I must admit it is showing significantly. They’ve had constant play and great results on online and LAN. They currently stand at a 14-2 record losing only to Back2Back and EG.

Even with these losses, Complexity has shown in an amazing way that they have what it takes to win the ESEA playoffs literally destroying any team in their way when it comes to LAN.

At the WCG Quiver shootout they embarrassingly defeated EG 16-3 and Back2Back 16-6, with their only challenging match against Gravitas Gaming, which they won 16-10.

I believe that Complexity has currently the best chance in winning ESEA season 2 and if they continue to play as they’ve been playing, that win is very possible.

Back 2 Back

The former iDemise and 00 roster has recently become a very prominent contestant in American Counter Strike, even defeating Complexity and EG. These were all online matches, however, and Back 2 Back’s LAN performances haven’t nearly been as consistent nor impressive.

However, if Back2Back has been practicing and learned anything from the Pre-ESEA Lethal Gamers event, they might have a good chance to win the ESEA playoffs.

eMazing Gaming

eMazing Gaming is currently sitting at an 11-5 record. While not the best, it is still an impressive record for a team that’s recently been highlighted in the North American CS scene.

They’ve been having a decent online season, but they haven’t had as much practice on LAN. They were unable to attend the WCG Quiver shootout, but did attend the pre-ESEA Lethal Gamers event where they lost to EG 16-5 in the Upper Brackets.

While eMg hasn’t seemed to be proven yet as a worthy opponent on LAN, I’m very excited to see how this team will play as many of their players have great aim and ability. While I doubt that they’ll be able to win ESEA this year, I’m very confident that each match they play will be an exciting one as they play.

Gravitas Gaming

Gravitas Gaming currently sits at an 8-8 record.

Despite the online record I believe Gravitas has a very strong chance of winning the ESEA playoffs this year. Gravitas just recently had their ingame leader Eric “goodfornothing” Basol come back from vacation, and in only a short amount of time were able to ruin EG at WCG Quiver with a 16-2 score.

However, EG answered back defeating them 16-6. Gravitas have gotten their game back together though, and I’m very excited to see how they’ll fare during the playoffs. If everything fits together and Gravitas plays well than they have a strong chance of winning ESEA and it’ll be very interesting to see what they do this year.

Blight Gaming

While Blight has solid players this is the only team that I believe won’t have much of a chance at winning ESEA at all this year. Their players have not had much LAN experience against the top tier teams and also their online score of 6-10 seems to show their ability at the top level as well.

I’m sorry, but Blight will not be able to win ESEA, they might get a few wins but chances of them winning the entire event are slim and if they do I shake my head at American CS.

Well that’s it folks. The ESEA Season 2 Playoffs will begin this Saturday at 11 AM CST, and then on Sunday after three teams have been eliminated from the bracket the final three will go at it to see who is the best is in America.

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quote#1 US peawok 23/07/2009 - 18:07:57
"I’m sorry, but Blight will not be able to win ESEA, they might get a few wins but chances of them winning the entire event are slim and if they do I shake my head at American CS."

I said practically the same line about Quiver Shootout. Somebody is plagiarizing! =]

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