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ESEA Open Semi-Finals Take Shape

ESEA – Tonight marks the beginning of the ESEA Open Semi-Finals with four very determined teams remaining.

Last night put an end to the ESEA Open Quarterfinals and now tonight the Semifinals get under way.

Last night to start things off the #1 seed Granny Smackers went up against the #25 seeded Going Postal.

How They Got There:

Granny Smackers (Heatwave, Classified, Misty, Griff, Brawwr, Funshine) was matched up with the #32 seed Mad Ninjas in Round 1 and won by a score of 16–8 on de_dust2. Then on Round 2 on de_nuke, Granny Smackers came out victorious by a score of 16- 9 against nikoNs Abs.

Going Postal was hot right out the gate by destroying their #8 seeded opponents Alliteration by a score of 16-4. Then arguably the best match of the entire playoffs in round 2 on de_nuke, Going Postal went into two overtimes against Veritas and won by a score of 21-19.

Quarter Finals:

However, last night Granny Smackers was no doubt the best team out there as Granny Smackers was able to put Going Postal away in the quarterfinals on de_inferno by a score of 16-8. Brawwr top fragged with 28 frags.

The second and last match of the night was the #7 seed The_Fantabulous_Five pitted against the #2 seed and newly sponsored Devastation squad.

How They Got There:

The_Fantabulous_Five (dAVE1-, freakazoid, monsterchet, scott, Spyder925, KG427) slaughtered their 1st round opponent, #26 seeded Maine Event, on de_dust2 by a score of 16 – 1. Then on de_nuke they went up against the #23 seeded statsme and came out the victor by a score of 16-11.


In the 1st round Devastation quickly made work of their opponent, the #31 seeded The High Crew, and won by a score of 16-3. Then also went on to beat their 2nd round opponent on de_nuke We Are Legendary who was seeded in the 15 spot.

Quarter Finals:

Last night The_Fantabulous_Five shocked Devastation in the quarter finals on de_inferno by a score of 16-10. dAVE1- led the way for TF5IVE with 25 frags and 16 deaths.


So now here is what our semi-finals picture looks like.

#1 Granny Smackers Vs #5 Michael Jackson 5 (iDemise)

How They Got There:

iDemise (StrickeN, cannoN, MattRyan, haqshot^, SNEAKK, havoc--, g0LEM, xXDYING SAN) quickly put away their first round opponent #28 seeded Hugs and Kisses by a score of 16-3 on de_dust2. Then on de_nuke they beat #12 seeded Capital 16-8.

Quarter Finals:

In the quarter finals iDemise went up against #4 seeded Crucial Connexion on de_inferno. After the first 5 rounds the server crashed due to packeting and the match was completely restarted in a discreet location. In one of the greatest matches of the playoffs iDemise came out on top 16-13. StrickeN led the way for iDemise with 32 frags and 21 deaths.


The second match up of the semi-finals, which will be premiering tonight on the map de_contra, is #3 ViNdicated Vs #7 The_Fantabalous_Five.

How They Got There:

ViN (Showtime, JIM WEST, ZEUSTHEH1CK^KB, mpb-, sikkyn, kodenCal-vo) has had the easiest ride thus far. They beat the #30 seed Team Monster in Round 1 by a score of 16-4. Then in Round 2 they beat iaqptbcspe by a score of 16-1. Then in the quarter finals they received a forfeit win against #6 seeded Second Nature.

Stay tuned to Insider eSports as we follow and cover the rest of ESEA CSS Open Playoffs.

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quote#1 US peawok 23/07/2009 - 17:19:55
Yeah.. we even do a little bit of Open coverage ;)

Hahaha. Great work, Brendan.

quote#2 US RedruM 23/07/2009 - 18:43:18
Thanks ; ).

Its been brought to my attention to watch out for Freakazoid in tonights match against ViN.

quote#3 US RedruM 24/07/2009 - 10:17:05
Haha well freakazoid didn't do as good as i thought he would, but they didnt need him to be. It was pretty much not contest of a match last night and T5iVE is def a new team to watch out for. I believe they are playing Hausen in the cevo-m finals but I will not be writing an article for that, however if you would like to know any information on that match you can PM me and I will be more than happy to try and help you out.

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