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WGT Titans League Week 4 Recap

WGTour.com – The fourth week of Titans League play has wrapped up and Alex “AGar” Gardner is here to recap the happenings.

This week WGTour was a lot less shocking than last week. The teams expected to win pretty much did, with the usual upset (although it wasn't THAT big of a shock this week). Without further ado, I give you the week four recap of the WGT Titans League.

The week started off with a relatively even match between US based eXpertise facing off against the Polish pride ZZZ. Just as predicted, the two took it down to the wire, and eXpertise clinched the win over ZZZ. The 1v1s for Tear, TellMeWhy and CaStrO ended up being manhandlings of their Polish opponents, which included MistrZZZ. Unfortunately, I was off in calling the 2v2 match, as ZZZ was able to snag the set, 2-1. Still, eXpertise triumphed 3-2 to move to a 2-2 record, while ZZZ fell to a 1-3 mark.

The second match of the week was an absolute manhandling, with RoX.KIS demolishing mTw 5-0 – the second time the German squad has been swept in four matches (translation: they're not doing too well). The scary thing is, in the past two weeks, RoX has made two fearsome additions to their roster: Lithuanian Protoss Arew and now Peruvian Terran Fenix. Both are strong players that are bolstering an already scary lineup. These two, along with BRAT_OK and DIMAGA absolutely wrecked mTw. They lost one single game (NarutO stole one off of BRAT_OK) in the entire clan war, not a bad showing at all. The win puts RoX comfortably in the lead at 4-0, while mTw drops to a 1-3 record.

The third match of the day wasn't a real attractor of the attention of many. In a battle between two of the bottom teams of the league, German-based Speedlink.SC managed to collect their first win of the season, capping Old School Reborn 3-2. I predicted 3-2 going the other way, but SL seemed to show some hunger in this match and wanted their first win badly. Old School Reborn paid the price for not bringing their top lineup, and now fall to 1-3, while Speedlink moves up to 1-3.

The fourth match was another close one, but Los Reyes del Mambo managed to pull it out in the clutch and land the win over Nerds @ Work in a bit of a surprise win for LRM. With the loss of Fenix, you would think LRM would take a bit of a hit, but the team stepped up, and Sweeper, Ace and OctZerg

took their matches, securing the win for the team. Only Ptak and the 2v2 were able to do anything for NaW, and thus they were relegated to a 3-2 loss, putting them at a 2-2 record while LRM jumped to a 3-1 spot on the charts.

The final match was the match everyone had waited for this week. Going in, both teams were sitting at 2-1 records, and both teams are favorites in the league. ESC.ICY-BOX was fresh off of a loss to Old School Reborn in week 3, leaving a bitter taste of defeat in their mouth. On the flip side, Templars of Twilight had triumphed over eXpertise and ZZZ in successive weeks after their opening loss to RoX.KIS. Momentum was on ToT's side, but when these two teams go at it, anything is possible. When the final dust settled, ret, Mondragon, XiaOzI and yosh won two of the 1v1s and the 2v2 for ToT, giving them the victory over their rivals. Kolll and DinOt were able to score wins for ESC, but it just wasn't enough, and ESC fell to a 2-2 spot, while ToT jumped to a 3-1 record. Still, by way of points, ESC is sitting in second place, aided by their opening 5-0 sweep of mTw.

That's it for week 4. Week 5 surely has some interesting matches in store, with the standings getting tighter and time growing shorter. Be sure to catch what happens in this awesome league.



  Team Record Points
 Russia RoX.KIS 4-0 20 pts
 Germany ESC.ICY-BOX 2-2 15 pts
 European Union Templars of Twilight 3-1 14 pts
 Spain Los Reyes del Mambo 3-1 13 pts
 United States of America eXpertise 2-2 13 pts
 Sweden Nerds @ Work 2-2 12 pts
 Poland ZZZ 1-3 9 pts
 Chile Old School Reborn 1-3 9 pts
 Germany Speedlink.SC 1-3 8 pts
 Germany mTw 360° Gaming 1-3 7 pts

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