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Peawok Running Weekend Blog

INSIDER ESPORTS -- Michael Fleming, whether through excitement at the Counter Strike packed weekend, boredom, or most likely lack of friends, has decided to keep you guys updated with a blog for the weekend! Expect stuff on GameGune, eStars, ESEA and maybe a bit on the WCG Canada Qualifier.



(4:29 PM EST) -- EG vs. coL in the ESEA finals! Yay!! Sorry for not updating this. I'll probably do only a few more updates.



(10:12 PM EST) -- EG strikes back in game two.

(9:24 PM EST) -- coL wins game one for ESEA Upper Bracket Finals.

(8:15 PM EST) -- Does anyone know Louis CK? He's an awesome guy. Here's a video.

(7:45 PM EST) -- Finally on a nice break. ESEA has a few more things going tonight, but I'm not directly responsible for them. Just the score updating. I have to do my GameGune recap tonight before eStars starts.

(4:50 PM EST) -- I'm posting things like a madman, so this blog is the last thing on my list right now. Sorry. I'll keep going as best I can but I have yet to eat dinner and do a lot of things for this. Oh, and Louis CK keeps me going. Haha.

(3:28 PM EST) -- I think GameGune had about 8500 spectators at the end of the match. That's pretty good!  ESEA is still going on, so we're on top of all that. Keep watch on IE!

(1:59 PM EST) -- 6000 Spectators for GameGune at the moment; I haven't checked ESEA. I'm guessing only 500-1000 are watching the ESEA matches.

(1:34 PM EST) -- I'm a pretty good multitasker.  I'm doing something like 40 things a minute. Hurray! WICKED vs. mousesports is live. I'm watching that.

(12:58 PM EST) -- GameGune HLTV for the final match is Check it out unless you are watching ESEA, which is also going live.

(12:35 PM EST) -- GameGune HLTVs were full any time I checked, so I took a good nap. It felt amazing, but I'm exhausted now. It's one of those you sleep and then you're more tired. Oh well. ESEA today!

(5:03 AM EST) -- GameGune HLTVs are full... First time ever that I've seen HLTV.org not have enough room for all their viewers. Maybe they'll add more. I'll just watch the ESL stream for now.

(4:42 AM EST) -- Forgot to mention. ESEA is also today! Yay America!

(4:40 AM EST) -- Sorry for the lack of posting, again. I think I'm doing way too much. Haha. GameGune about to start. eStars stream, at least, is on a break. They are playing the same ads over and over.  I'm going to take a walk before the GameGune matches. I plan on watching one of them and doing a recap on it. Hopefully I pick the more exciting one!

(3:31 AM EST) -- E-Stars Seoul broadcast is live. My guys for eStars look like they went to sleep.. so I guess I'm pulling double duty! Oh well.

(1:39 AM EST) -- E-Stars Seoul is being broadcasted -- in English -- here, if you are interested. It's this wierd dancing game. Hahaha. The rest of the world will be playing in a few hours.. and I'll keep trying to stay awake for GameGune's final eight. I'll get a preview done if I can, too. Really, this time.. Haha. I've been so delayed by other events and scores!

(12:50 AM EST) -- Played a bit of StarCraft and CS 1.6. My friends are very drunk and begging me for alcohol, which I have stated fifteen times (and counting!) I don't have. Oh what a night...



(11:17 PM EST) -- What does everyone think of ESEA Skills Competition? I think it's interesting, but the money they are giving away could have gone somewhere else too...

(11:06 PM EST) -- Add us on twitter.com, by the way. We could use followers!

(11:05 PM EST) -- As you might have noticed, I posted quite a lot of stuff and still am not finished. There is a lot going on this weekend.. and do I mean a lot.

(8:26 PM EST) -- Since I've been at Insider eSports for the past 48 hours or so, I'm taking a short break to play one StarCraft game. Sue me. Alex Gardner, our StarCraft head, I think is posting an article right now by the way, so watch out for that.

(7:11 PM EST) -- Residence Life Duty, eStars, GameGune, ESEA, CEVO, and meetings with people. I am in for a rough night!

(5:50 PM EST) -- Back from dinner. I had 13 PMs. Awesome. Hahaha. ESEA Preview going up soon and then a GameGune Friday recap by yours truly.

(4:52 PM EST) -- Lots of score updates and conversations with staff. Sorry for no posts. CEVO matches are going on tonight too, apparently. Awesome! Hahaha. Running to dinner, because it's going to be a long night..

(3:09 PM EST) -- GameGune Scores added, excluding lower bracket matches. I'll do those now. Our backend is a little slow today...haha.

(2:37 PM EST) -- Forgot to mention that my pick to win it, ALTERNATE, lost. Oh well. There is always the lower bracket.

(2:33 PM EST) -- I'll be doing some scoreboards now for GameGune. For now, read Fawnz's recap of eStars Seoul. It's very well written, surprisingly. The kid was about to fall asleep at his keyboard. Haha.

(1:50 PM EST) -- Bracket play well underway for GameGune. Sorry, there was too little time to do a preview. I'll post some recaps soon, though. Fawnz sent me one when I was taking a nap.

(8:00 AM EST) -- Got back from breakfast to find Jon 'Portland' Higginbotham leaving a few of us messages that he is going into the hospital due to his I believe third lung collapse in the past 6 months. If you see 'portland' in our IRC channel, please wish him a "get better soon".  I'm working on a GameGune bracket preview now.

(7:00 AM EST) -- I think I'm going to run to breakfast and down three cups of coffee. I'm living at Elizabethtown College for the summer, in case anyone didn't know, so I'm able to go to the marketplace/cafeteria at 7AM.

(6:39 AM EST) -- WeMade FOX upset Fnatic and mTw.... wow... Variables is freaking out in the Insider eSports staff channel.

(6:25 AM EST) -- GameGune is in full steam this morning. Groups are nearly over. I'll write up a feature in between the group and bracket play.

(6:02 AM EST) -- Still awake. eSports is going crazy with matches, and ESEA still hasnt started. In case you were wondering, I'm on GameGune, Likwid is on ESEA, and Variables and Fawnz are on eStars. Agar is watching a lot of StarCraft matches too, so expect some recaps from him.

(5:01 AM EST) -- Might be time for some coffee. But all I know is I have to stay as far away from my bed as possible. It's hard to do, since it's only 3 steps away from my computer and I need to pass it to go out to the kitchen.

(4:53 AM EST) -- Sorry for a lack of posts, though I doubt most Americans are up. eStars Seoul is well underway. Fawnz and Variables are handling that event. I think we'll have some scores in soon. I also just sent out about 13 emails. Ouch!

(3:16 AM EST) -- Pulling an all nighter. I have fawnz on eStars coverage, so expect some articles on that soon. I'm currently watching StarCraft at eStars.



(11:39 PM EST) -- Up for now, I'll probably go to sleep soon though. I plan on getting up to watch the rest of the groups play.

(8:34 PM EST) -- Brad Dick is on TGBF.tv tonight, if anyone is interested, and I have a CEVO Free match on de_nuke. We just posted a lot of information, and I'll probably start a group stage recap for GameGune and do an eStars Preview as well. Hope you guys are enjoying everything we are doing. Please give us feedback!

(7:31 PM EST) -- The blog should be formatted a bit better now.

(7:28 PM EST) -- As a small reminder, consider applying on the website to help out. Every hand helps.

(7:26 PM EST) -- Just posted a lot of stuff on the website and twitter. Check it all out and let us know what kind of features you would like.

(6:56 PM EST) -- So Crack Clan is out of the event. Dignitas went early, too. GameGune is picking up steam!

(5:32 PM EST) -- Friend wants to kick my ass in Call of Duty 4 on XBOX. I'll be back in a few after the ass kicking. 

(5:24 PM EST) -- Back from dinner. Matches are still in group stages. I also heard StarCraft 2 is banned in China for an event. Don't know anything else about that at this point. Shoutouts will be given still if anyone wants one. 

(4:23 PM EST) -- Anybody want a shoutout? I'm running to dinner in a few, but I'll do a "shoutout" post for those interested. PM IE|peawok on IRC.

(3:45 PM EST) -- We're gonna be waiting for a little while it seems for more matches. I have time to get some posts up!

(3:00 PM EST) -- Took a short nap. As expected, group play was and has been fairly boring. Dignitas went out early due to rounds, but that is about it. Reminds me of coL at their last CPL, if you remember.

(6:38 AM EST) -- I've just started getting into the Korean StarCraft scene -- it's been Alex's territory for IE -- and I have to say I really enjoy it. That Bisu vs. Iris game was fairly awesome. Anyway, not too much to report from GameGune. The standard delays, dominating scores; you know, what a big Counter Strike event is all about!

(6:36 AM EST) -- Most of the current matches for GameGune are one sided, so I've been watching this stream of the MSL (StarCraft) with Alex Gardner, our StarCraft head. He's pulling an all nighter as well. Another match is starting. It's Bisu vs. Iris; quite an awesome matchup if you like StarCraft.

(6:18 AM EST) -- I guess it would be best to say my prediction for who will win the event now before we move too far into the event. I think it will be Alternate vs. Wicked in the Finals with Alternate taking it in the end. I made that up fairly quickly, to be honest. So the likelyhood of that happening is slim to none.

(6:15 AM EST) -- Mmmm... coffee. How you are going to get me through GameGune today. 

(6:12 AM EST) -- Again, a test. Some quick updates are that several matches are underway and some have already been completed. Not surprising for group play. Also, there is apparently a stream for GameGune; I wasn't aware there would be one. I'm guessing it's in German, most likely. I haven't looked yet because my Octoshape plugin is screwed up.

(6:07 AM EST) -- This is my first post. I wanted to see how well it would work, colors might not stay the same, but I don't think many of you are reading this anyway.


This is a running blog. You will need to refresh to see more updates. Expect an update every 15 minutes or so unless stated otherwise in the blog.

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quote#1 US peawok 23/07/2009 - 04:30:32
Hope you guys enjoy this as well as other features we do later today.

It's hard to beat HLTV.org in coverage in Europe.. impossible really, especially when they are on site! They are doing good work though, as always =]

quote#2 CA Justin 23/07/2009 - 08:21:31
Update every 15 mins? Its been 3 hours since your last update.

quote#3 US fns* 23/07/2009 - 12:02:10
should setup a twitter for insideresports


quote#4 US peawok 23/07/2009 - 13:00:28
Yeah sorry I fell asleep watching a match and didnt wake up til now. lol

quote#5 US peawok 23/07/2009 - 13:01:49
Yeah sorry I fell asleep watching a match and didnt wake up til now. lol

quote#6 US peawok 23/07/2009 - 13:10:33
We have a twitter, actually. I just wanted to do one here too!

quote#7 US AGar 23/07/2009 - 15:50:49
This is cool. Very cool.

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