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The Schet List Airs Tonight; Peawok is a Cohost!

INSIDER ESPORTS -- Michael 'peawok' Fleming, owner of Insider eSports, has been invited to be on The Schet List as a cohost. The first night of The Schet List is this evening at 11PM EST.

The Schet List, brought to you by Chris Schetter of TGBF.tv, is a talk show similar to DJWheat's Live on Three.  The Schet List, if you were around then, interviewed Michael about Insider eSports in December.

Michael has joined their team now as the cohost for the show.

Topics tonight include the highly packed weekend of Counter Strike, the addition of Sway Gaming to CompLexity, rants about eSports, and whatever else the hosts and you feel like. Yeah, that's right. There are very few limitations with how the show will run.

Tonight is our first show, so please provide feedback as we try to improve it. Thank you for your patience as well.

Here is the official announcement:

Off we go with a brand new, bursting-at-the-seams panel and enough to chew on from the past half year to last us for two shows...

Which is why we're kickin back off with TWO shows this week.

Get introduced to the new panel on Wed night at 11p Eastern:

  • Myself (der)
  • Matt 'fatback' Kohn (BF2 beast and manager of eMg)
  • Don 'StiXX' Greene (the Loyola Mobster)
  • Jeff 'Smeagol' Dickinson (gaming commentator extraordinare)
  • Cameron 'fams' Carson (of fnatic)
  • Michael 'Peawok' Fleming (editor in chief, Insider eSports)

Besides some panel discussions we're opening the phone lines so you can chat it up and get your two cents added to the Schet List each week.  Get it in speed dial: 505.227.TGBF or skype:calltgbf.

The show will be at 11PM EST at TGBF.

We will work on embedding the show at Insider eSports for next week.

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quote#1 CA Justin 22/07/2009 - 10:20:29
get me on this show

quote#2 US peawok 22/07/2009 - 10:28:14
will do. lol

quote#3 CA Kai 22/07/2009 - 10:58:25
zomg peawok's on TV...err my monitor. :) Will be watching hopefully.

quote#4 CA Justin 23/07/2009 - 10:44:44
lol i called in

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