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Sway Gaming vs Blight.usa CEVO Recap

CEVO -- Surprise scheduling led to an uncovered Sway Gaming vs. Blight.usa matchup yesterday evening. Fortunetly, Insider eSports' Forrest 'variables' Campbell was able to catch the match. Here's a recap of the surprisingly intense Sway Gaming vs Blight.usa CEVO matchup.

In week two of CEVO Professional 1.6, we saw an incredible game between Sway Gaming and Blight USA where sway took the game 16–12 on de_nuke.

The first half started with Blight Gaming taking the highly important pistol rounds and then two gun rounds afterward, giving them a healthly 5–0 lead and on the Terrorist side of de_nuke, but it would be the last round they would win in the half. Sway pulled away, winning the next 10 rounds straight, taking the half 10–5.

Blight.usa would not flinch though, once again winning the pistol round and the eco rounds afterward, but sway answer back with two rounds, making the score 12–7 sway. This is where the game began to really kick into action.

Sway went into beast mode, showing how good teamwork can be even against a man advantage, winning three rounds 2v3 or 2v4. Blight would not die easily, however, coming back on their own run, winning four rounds in a row as well as an eco, making the score 15–12. After the final round, which looked like it could go either way, Sway closed it out taking the match.

I sat down with Sway's team captain, Matt "adr" Caverly.

“We played pretty sloppy to be honest. We had a big eco rounds that helped our confidence and we won a lot of rounds by using good communication and teamwork. We really screwed up a lot but we had good teamwork to win several 2v2's and 2v3’s that helped us win.”

Insider eSports was also able to get a hold of Cj "cJ_B" Banarsee, captain of Blight.usa.

“We had a few situations where we were up in numbers, 3v2 and 4v3 that we should’ve won but didn’t. Those rounds helped them win and us not really adapting to what they were doing T-side.”

He also stated that they “missed a lot of easy shots, most likely because of coming from LAN to online.”

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quote#1 US peawok 21/07/2009 - 06:28:18
thanks for the review, forrest.

we were working on CEVO all day waiting to hear from teams about matches and this came completely by surprise! good thing you were around to watch it :)

quote#2 US geez 21/07/2009 - 07:59:27
luckily there was an hltv for this surprise match!

quote#3 US peawok 21/07/2009 - 12:47:18
he coulda used scorebot ;)

quote#4 US Var1ables 21/07/2009 - 12:57:22
I was lucky that one of my fellow staffers knew what was up, and gave me the IP address. I seriously recommend that you try to find the demo of this game, sway put on a clinic of how to win 2 v3 2v4 and the like, and blight.usa showed how to shut down rushes and control choke points. Both teams were really impressive.

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