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WGT Titans League Week 4 Preview

Alex “AGar” Gardner previews the fourth week of Titans League play, including one blockbuster match between two top clans.

Last week I did ok on my predictions, calling three of the five matches, but my scores were off, and really off on some of them. This week some top teams look to rebound after rough losses last week. eXpertise and ZZZ will go at it to try and get a .500 record, while Nerds @ Work will look to continue their hot-streak against Los Reyes del Mambo, who is fresh off an upset from osR. RoX.KIS looks to continue their dominant start against mTw 360° Gaming, who got their first win against Speedlink.SC. Speaking of Speedlink, they're still looking for their first win of the season. Will it come at the expense of Old School Reborn? Finally, we have a clash of the true titans between Templars of Twilight and ESC.ICY-BOX. With the rivalry renewed, who will come out on top?

United States of America eXpertise vs. Poland ZZZ

Both of these teams sit at 1-2, with eXpertise holding a point advantage over ZZZ. ZZZ opened up the season with a win over NaW, then had two tough weeks against Templars of Twilight and RoX.KIS. They continue their stretch against tough teams this week against eXpertise, before they face ESC next week. eXpertise, meanwhile, started with a win over osR, only to lose to NaW and ToT in successive weeks. eXpertise has the stronger lineup when it all boils down, but they seem to have consistency issues getting these guys to come out to play. Meanwhile, ZZZ has a strong lineup that consistently shows up. They may not be as strong as eX's biggest guns, but they put up quite a fight. eXpertise has put up some good fights though, recently, and I'm giving them the nod in this one based on sheer talent and Xeris' ability to pull a good draw.

Prediction: eXpertise 3:2 ZZZ

Brief: eXpertise squeaks one out with two good draws in the 1v1s and their solid 2v2 squad pulling through.

Germany mTw 360° Gaming vs. Russia RoX.KIS

RoX opened up with a 3-0 start against ToT, Speedlink and ZZZ, while mTw scored their first win against Speedlink this past week. In addition, very quietly, RoX acquired another deadly weapon for their arsenal last weekend: ESC's Lithuanian Protoss Arew. Arew bolsters a somewhat weak Protoss line for RoX and makes them one of the deeper teams all around in the foreign scene. Honestly, mTw doesn't have what it takes to keep up with the now 5 man threat of BRAT, Advokate, ALF, Arew and DIMAGA in addition to their backline, who aren't the most prominent bunch, but can probably take a set here or there. Add in the fearsome 2v2 of BRAT_OK and DIMAGA and RoX is looking nigh unstoppable right now.

Prediction: mTw 360° Gaming 1:4 RoX.KIS

Brief: mTw musters up one win somewhere deep down, but other than that, all RoX, all day.

Germany Speedlink.SC vs. Chile Old School Reborn

Last week, this would've been a complete toss-up as to who would win. Then osR dismantled LRM quite handily. While they aren't one of the top teams in the Titans League, osR should easily dispose of Speedlink, who can't seem to string it together. Speedlink needs the win, and might be able to string something together somewhere, but with the likes of KiLLeR, GoTunK and KniF to go up against, Speedlink has an uphill battle ahead of them if they want their first win this weekend.

Prediction: Speedlink.SC 2:3 Old School Reborn

Brief: Old School Reborn is looking hot after destroying LRM last week, meanwhile Speedlink seems to maybe have lost their competitive drive here.

Spain Los Reyes del Mambo vs. Sweden Nerds @ Work

I gotta say, the past two weeks I've completely underestimated NaW in this league. After a rough start week 1, they've picked apart two teams who I'd definitely mark as 3rd place material in this league if they're playing well, and they've done it quietly. However, LRM is a cut above NaW in my opinion, with players like Ace, Fenix, hanniGan, Pike and Sweeper. NaW has a solid lineup with the likes of Deska, Ptak and Saab900, and showed that they can go toe-to-toe with anyone after taking down ESC last week, but I think that the glory train ends in week 4 when LRM comes to town, especially after the fire that osR likely lit under them last week.

Prediction: Los Reyes del Mambo 4:1 Nerds @ Work

Brief: LRM comes hungry and steamrolls NaW out of pure desire here.

European Union Templars of Twilight vs. Germany ESC.ICY-BOX

Once again, these two big guns meet in a clan war. Last week, ESC got a wake-up call while ToT made up some much needed ground on their rivals. I expect the best lineups for each team to come out for this match, as it will likely play a big part in determining how seeding is settled down the line. Honestly, I can't make a solid call and stick with it other than this should be a great set of matches. However, ToT might have a bit of momentum here to push them slightly ahead of ESC this time around. Players like Mondragon, ZpuX and HayprO should be able to abuse matchup advantages over the ESC squad if the draws come out right. ESC has to pray for some awesome draws I think this week if they want to move to 3-1 instead of ToT.

Prediction: Templars of Twilight 3:2 ESC.ICY-BOX

Brief: ToT rides a momentum wave past ESC, who is likely still reeling after their loss to NaW last week.

That's it for this week's (late) preview. The recap should be up Tuesday, and another preview out on Thursday. This league is really shaping up to be excellent caliber, so be sure to grab any available replays or battle reports if they surface!

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