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WGT Titans League Week 3 Recap

WGTour.com – Alex “AGar” Gardner recaps the third week of Titans League play, which included several upsets among other happenings.

The third week of Titans League play was somewhat shocking, but also reminded us how close all of these teams are and how any one team can fall victim to an upset with no apparent reason other than their opponent got the better of them.

The first upset of the weekend was when Chilean-based Old School Reborn upset Los Reyes del Mambo in a 4-1 stunner. Only LRM's Hungarian player Ace was able to nab a close 2-1 victory over osR's oMegA. Aside from that, Pike, hanniGan and Sweeper all bombed their 1v1s 0-2 and the 2v2 squad of Ace and Kashu got 2-0'd as well, while Fenix was completely absent from the clan war. The win was osR's first and marked LRM with their first loss of the season a lot earlier than they had likely expected.

The next, and likely more surprising, shocker in week 3 was when Nerds @ Work squeaked out over ESC.ICY-BOX, ending their perfect streak much earlier than anyone anticipated. ESC sent out a top 1v1 lineup with the likes of Yayba, MaNa, DinOt and IefNaij only to have their Polish Protoss stars lose their first two matches and put all the pressure on the 2v2. Unfortunately NaW's 2v2 was ready and closed out the NaW upset with a 2-1 victory. Ironically, NaW is now in 3rd, even though no one gave them a fighting chance in the league at the beginning of the season. There's still six weeks of play left, but seeing NaW up in the top three is a definite shocker right now.

Match three for the week was the highlight of the week, with Templars of Twilight taking on eXpertise in what was sure to be a thriller, and it lived up to the hype. eXpertise brought out some of their big guns with Gretorp, Praetor and ArchOn to face the likes of Mondragon, GOsia and SquaLL. In the end, the 2v2 made the difference and ToT got their first 2v2 win at the best possible time, clinching a 3-2 win over eXpertise. It appears the all-Zerg lineup of ToT got the better of eXpertise's diversified lineup and ToT clinches win number two.

The match between RoX.KIS and ZZZ went pretty much exactly as expected. RoX brought out BRAT_OK, DIMAGA, ALF and their newly acquired Arew as well as their tried-and-true 2v2 squad of DIMAGA and BRAT_OK. ZZZ was helpless, with only MistrZZZ taking his set against ALF for the Polish team. The win put RoX in the number one slot for the Titans League as the only undefeated team after three weeks of play. While it will be difficult for them to continue this way for all season, they have a strong chance of going the distance right now.

The final match was like an intra-nation war in Germany, with mTw 360° Gaming and Speedlink.SC going at each other. Both teams were winless and hungry, but mTw appeared to be hungrier, coming out on top 4-1. HoRRoR, NarutO and DarkGamer simply overpowered the Speedlink lineup and propelled mTw to an easy victory, trapping Speedlink in the bottom slot of the league and staring down a spot in the qualifier tournament for next season if they don't shape up soon.

That's it for week 3, although it was delayed. The preview for the games of week 4 (which go down in less than 24 hours) should be up very soon, and if all goes according to plan, the recap will be out on Tuesday (barring a delay on WGT's site). Stay tuned for more results.

  Team Record Points
 Russia RoX.KIS 3-0 14 pts
 Germany ESC.ICY-BOX 2-1 13 pts
 Sweden Nerds @ Work 2-1 10 pts
 European Union Templars of Twilight 2-1 10 pts
 Spain Los Reyes del Mambo 2-1 9 pts
 United States of America eXpertise 1-2 9 pts
 Poland ZZZ 1-2 7 pts
 Germany mTw 360° Gaming 1-2 7 pts
 Canada Old School Reborn 1-2 7 pts
 Germany Speedlink.SC 0-3 4 pts

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