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INSIDER ESPORTS -- Insider eSports owner Michael Fleming gives a rundown of the teams in the WCG Quiver Shootout, taking place today in New York City.

Today will be a big day for a lot of North America's finest Counter Strike 1.6 teams. Since the last major North American LAN event -- which dates further back than most remember -- many teams have gone under new management. Blight added Devious as their Canadian team and Dynasty as their USA team.

Roster changes also occured, as Gravitas lost goodfornothing for most of the summer until his return a bit more than a week ago.  CompLexity dropped Savi0r out of the famous x3o lineup in exchange for evolution.  Savi0r is now Blight Gaming's 1.6 coach and supposedly plays -- if they even practice -- with Haitus.

EG.usa has been very focused on their mSi videos; both Danny 'fRoD' Montaner and Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbert have been as "el studio de Scoots" recording Counter Strike guide videos, presented by mSi (gotta give props to the sponsor, right?). They also have easily had more out-of-country practice than any other team in America. They bootcamped in Sweden for close to two weeks prior to DreamHack Summer.

A lot has changed since the start of the summer, meaning while many might not care too much for this $2,500 event, it certainly means a lot for these teams. Whoever wins this event will immediately become America's current best team and the losers will have to redeem themselves at ESEA next weekend, should they be lucky enough to be attending.

Here is a preview of the teams in attendance.

Roster: Dboorn, hero, irukandji, ninespot, evolution
14-2 in ESEA Invite
Strong Favorite to win the Shootout
Been without internet connection for several days

CompLexity is easily one of the favorites for the event, as their experience and solid play in the past has proven them to be one of America's finest. Backed by one of the two most heavily financed North American organizations, you can expect CompLexity to come out strong, even if they have been without internet for several days, according to team leader Andrew "Irukandji" Timmerman.  I bet they still found ways to practice, however, likely running through different tactics and reviewing demos. Even if they are off, it should be easy for them to get back into it against some of the lower tier teams before they go up against the big boys.

Evil Geniuses
Roster: fRoD, warden, n0thing, storm, lurppis
14-2 in ESEA Invite
Strong Favorite to win the Shootout
Most experience internationally
Have been traveling and doing sponsorship work recently

Evil Geniuses is easily the other favorite for the event, with many predicting them to win it all. They had an impressive comeback to take the top seed in ESEA Invite, if by only two rounds. You can expect the EG guys to come out strong in the event early, but the big question mark is how they will handle some of the other teams, who have likely been anti-stratting them since EG was at DreamHack Summer, where they bootcamped for over a week prior to the event. While I expect them to have a few tricks up their sleeve, don't be surprised to see EG use their superior teamwork and aim to lead them through most of these matches.  The big question marks will come as we near the final matches, where they will likely cross paths with CompLexity, Back2Back and Gravitas.

Roster: iNERTiA, zid, hazard, spyro, steno
14-2 in ESEA Invite
Predicted to place at least top three by almost everyone
Chance to prove they can "do it on LAN"
Not as much LAN experience as coL, EG

When most people hear of Back2Back -- formally and widely still known as 00 or even *gasp* iDemise (you are so four months ago!) -- they think something along the lines of "online". They did not perform well in previous LAN events, just adding to the whole "hazard cheats online" theory.  If there was ever a time to give a swift one to those people's bal.. erm.. jaws, it would be now, as every major North American team is in attendance and this event is just itching to give us a new "America's best".  Starting off strong and in the top three is an essential for these guys, though I think we'll see a better showing at ESEA from them. Even though people consider them online, it's amusing, everyone still has them in their top three. Go figure.

Roster: goodfornothing, hostile, thomz, benzo, impulsive
8-8 in ESEA Invite
Somewhere near top three is expected, but not certain
A dark horse team for many
Goodfornothing and the team's lack of practice

Many know and have continued to say that goodfornothing's trip to Brazil was the worst thing that could have happened for Gravitas, as they were struggling without him and haven't picked it up fully with his return. This event is the perfect time for them to strut their stuff, but there are no guarantees. Their play in ESEA wasn't spectacular when goodfornothing returned, but it certainly wasn't dreadful. I think it will be determined how well they will do in this event after their first "big match" against one of the best teams, but I think first place might be out of reach for this event. Unless some of their players get hot, don't expect top two.

Roster: cj_b, hysteria, wrd, projeckt, chE
6-10 in ESEA Invite
Not considered for the top three by nearly anyone
Not on the same level as the top teams
X-Factor: Savi0r?

Blight USA has been talked about but certainly not hyped, as many think this team will crumble under the pressure and not even get close to a top three placing. Their ESEA Invite score -- a pretty awful 6-10 -- makes most think they are outside of the top three and not even close to them. What many are unaware of, however, is the addition of Savi0r as their 1.6 "coach", whatever that may be exactly. Has he had time to help the team out? Well, I don't know, but I don't count this team out all the way.  A few lucky breaks here and there might help them slide into that third place. Winning the event probably won't happen. Sorry.

Roster: qswitch, johnny5,aim,krb,brun24,levy
Currently in CEVO Main (1-0)
Former CEVO Pro team
Not considered one of the big threats for the event
Probably won't place above the other mentioned teams
Could turn a few heads

Dynamic is really the only other team that stands a chance in scoring a top three finish. They have been at the upper level of play for awhile now, but haven't found the way to the next level. While you can't count them out of this event they are certainly down, as most of the aforementioned teams will likely smash them on most of the maps. Still, though, they could turn a few heads and find a way to the late rounds. An upset here or there could spot them a fourth or third place finish.

And The Rest

I could try and rant on about some of the more unknown teams and pugs, but really none of them should even get close to the teams listed above. Unless they get really hot or have been under everyone's radar, don't even expect them to touch the top teams. While it would be pretty neat to see EG staffer Rebound and his pug beat the EG team, there is no doubt in my mind that or any other big upset will happen. The top six teams should advance through Round One. As for the best of "all the rest", who knows? All I know is they won't get higher than fourth at very best. I'll shake my head at Professional American 1.6 if they do.


That's it for now everyone. I hope you enjoyed the preview and I'll be on all day getting you the scores and all the news. I've heard that HLTV won't happen, but I'll keep everyone informed should they get them running.

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quote#1 US peawok 18/07/2009 - 08:20:43
It's going to be fun. We'll have scores posted all throughout the day as well as a recap tonight!

quote#2 US JimmyNR 18/07/2009 - 10:07:26
good preview

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