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iDemise Adds New Source Roster


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iDemise Adds New Source Roster

INSIDER ESPORTS -- iDemise has announced a new Counter Strike: Source team including several strong names.

With a 14-2 record in ESEA, they are looking to continue their dominance in the playoffs which started this past week.

Dan “dC3” Cubacub stated that “though it has been long overdue, iDemise is very happy to be competing in Counter Strike: Source. We feel this team has the motivation and drive to succeed, which most teams lack”

When asked how the team felt about joining iDemise, Brian “SNEAKK” Doherty said he is “excited to join an organization with a tradition of winning and are looking forward to carrying that tradition over in Source.”

The new starting roster for the new Counter Strike: Source team is:

Zach “cannoN” Cannon
josh “haqshot” Lanigan
Steve “joy” Lima
Brian “SNEAKK” Doherty
Eric “StrickeN” Prock

Jimmy “nikoN” Pike
Justin “golem” Golem

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