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Packets, Surprises from the ESEA Source Playoffs

ESEA – Much like what happened in the CEVO Professional Finals, server problems caused one team to completely drop out of the server. Cyber Revolution left their match against Team Dynamic, resulting in – currently, at least – a forfeit win.

Last night marked the beginning of the ESEA Playoffs for the Counter Strike: Source division for Season 3 and the great play we expected to watch, however, was never completely displayed.

During the Cyber Revolution and Team Dynamic match, the server was getting major lag problems, most likely due to somebody packeting the server or using a command to try and crash the server.

For anybody who tried to watch the CEVO Professional Finals, you may remember the server crashed multiple times before they chose to play in a discreet location. However, that was not the route that Cyber Revolution chose to go by.

At the time of the server lag, Cyber Rev was on the Terrorist side and apparently got fed up with the server and simply left. Because they left the server and never rejoined, it now stands that Team Dynamic will advance through a forfeit win.

At this point in time nobody knows what is going to happen or how this situation is going to play out, but ESEA should defiantly step in and do something about it. Letting Dynamic go with a forfeit win would be near criminal and not exactly what fans had in mind for the playoffs.

But at the same time, Cyber Rev could have stayed in the server, contacted an admin and try to resolve the problem. Many expect that a rematch at a undisclosed time of day and server might be the route ESEA takes.

X3O and Vitriolic NA, however, did make it through their match without many problems, but it was nowhere near as close as spectators would have liked it to be.

Vitriolic started on CT side and they just went on a tear from there. X3O got 2 rounds on the terrorist side and that was practically all she wrote. X3O was able to gain 4 rounds on CT side before Vitriolic shut them down. Vitriolic went on to win in a slaughterhouse fashion by a score of 16-6.

Stay tuned to Insider eSports as we keep you covered on the ESEA controversy and coverage throughout the rest of the playoffs. We will update you when ESEA determines what to do about the CyberRev matchup.

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quote#1 US RedruM 17/07/2009 - 21:27:26
This is why Source cant have nice things...to much imaturity amongst the community =/. Not to mention theres rumors going around (im saying rumors because im not 100% sure and i dont wanna make something up, but the source i got this from is pretty legit) that the person who was crashing the cevop finals was a guy who was working for Legit-Proof, a group of people we are supposed to trust...

quote#2 US Var1ables 18/07/2009 - 14:16:28
that's the thing redrum, We(in the 1.6 community) had the same thing when teams like coL and team3d played in CAL finals. In game one it'd be at coL's house, and 3d would get packeted to all hell and then in game 2 it'd be 3d's house and coL would get packeted straight to losing the map. Eventually they will get over it or make something like the complexity packet protection system what will stop that from happening.

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