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Fnatic Announces New WoW Team

FNATIC -- After subpar performances in two events, fnatic decides to change WoW teams.

Fnatic, known for their amazing Counter Strike team as well as being a founder of G7, has decided to change their WoW team who had won two concurrent MLG events last year.

After subpar performances in the last few events they have attended, such as failing to leave group stage in MLG Columbus and not attending either the North American Regional’s or the Extreme Master Global Finals and after placing 5th/6th in the North American Finals late last year.

“While it's a difficult decision to make, we have decided with immediate effect to let go of Hafu, glick and Rhaegyn,” fnatic said in a statement.

Fnatic announced their replacements as Neil "Neilyo" Mosunic, Chris "Douja" Cossey, and Max "YoG" Yueh.  

“It’s a big shame to see the likes of a once great team shy away from its former glory in the form of our World of Warcraft US squad with Hafu, Glick, Yog, Rhaegyn,”  said fnatic's founder and owner Sam "zr0" Mathews.

“However with any developing eSports title, things change, skill-sets needed change, activity levels change and when this happens it’s our duty as a professional video gaming team to adapt and make the necessary changes to OUR squad to keep us competitive and on top of OUR game.”  

He also expressed excitement about the new team.

“[The new squad] has been made up through the help of current member Yog, with new members being Neilyo, Woundman, douja. Together with Yog they will be fighting under the Fnatic flag at future events looking to bring back glory to our once feared World Of Warcraft team. Welcome guys and may you do us proud, we will be behind you 100%!”

New Fnatic Roster:

  Neil "Neilyo" Mosunic
  Chris "Douja" Cossey
  Max "YoG" Yueh
  Emerson Conrad-Garrett "Woundman" Condon

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quote#1 US peawok 16/07/2009 - 20:00:10
WoW vs. Google for global internet domination. lol

quote#2 US vaLor 19/07/2009 - 12:19:18
This is kind of disappointing because I've actually knew of Hafu before she became super famous and joined Fnatic. She was a great player but if you know WoW, they mess everything up every patch. The good things back then are the bad things now.

Hopefully the new Fnatic roster will do well.

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