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Gaming In Germany Gone?

INSIDER ESPORTS - David Kim talks about the recent German ban on video games.

By: David “tehkorean” Kim
It's my opinion. Not Insider eSports'. They can make their own opinion, goddammit.

Germany has been a swarm of controversy lately as German parliament has decided to ban competitive eSport LAN events that involve violent video games. With this ban, German gaming events Convention-X-Treme and ESL League’s Friday Pro nights have been cancelled in fear of the games violent content.

Violent video games; we seem to be hearing a lot about how violence is corrupting our youth, turning them into dangerous, psychotic and/or disturbed individuals.

First it was rock and roll back in the 60s. Then in the early 80s and 90s it was movies and TV. Now it is the violent video games that are a constant target of political and social controversy among many different countries around the world.

In Germany’s case, I can somewhat understand why this ban occurred, considering the fact that Tim Kretschmer a high school student up in Winnenden, Germany killed 16 people including himself. It’s unfortunate that his friends were interviewed and told the vast amount of news stations and reporters about how they would play Counter Strike; “He was good,” they said.

After that statement, the fact that Tim Kretschmer played Counter Strike and killed 15 people was made known to practically every single person in the country of Germany. I believe it is common human selfishness that the reporters didn’t speak about how his father had over 15 legally owned firearms in his house but as expected, the media just wants controversy because – after all – controversy makes good business.

Now let me tell you some facts that many of you likely don’t know.

Germany is currently in an economic downfall like many other countries are with the current global economy. German parliament will have elections in September of this year. Germany is also famous for having some of the lowest crime rates in the entire world and German parliament is also trying to appeal to the world as a perfect and safe country to not only attract tourists but also for business deals and trade.

This Tim Kretschmer incident really opened some eyes and I believe they were opened in a negative way.

Considering all of this, it’s probably normal that Germany set this ban forward. They thought to themselves while looking at these LANs, “hmmm a bunch of young teenagers coming to one area to playing violent video games. Well, we can’t let that happen! Let’s ban this event from happening.”

That was a direct statement, by the way. Okay… I kid, but it was probably close, except in German.

The only problem I have with this is that in all honesty I believe the German government is just using violent video games as a scapegoat for all of their own individual problems; it’s what everyone else seems to be doing as well, from Japan to the United States.

So what to do?

Well first of all there is not much we can do. Germany is infamous for constantly following through with similar bans and not relenting to the public.

However, considering the fact that this ban is on a much larger scale against eSports, I highly doubt that the German gaming public will stay quiet for long.

German gamers everywhere have already banded together and have set up a petition here.

Also there have even been public demonstrations and protests with almost 500 to 600 gamers attending. A link to one such demonstration is here.

The gaming public also seems to have gotten support from the German youth.

Now even with a small flicker of hope, truly only time will tell if gaming will slowly die in Germany because of this ban. I for one hope that this never happens and I wish all German gamers good luck in their battle.

I end with a simple quote by Chinese Writer Lin Yutang:

“Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence.”

Never give up and keep on fighting Germany.

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quote#1 US JimmyNR 14/07/2009 - 16:21:09
good article.

quote#2 CA Kai 17/07/2009 - 20:15:24
Good read.

quote#3 DE therogue 25/07/2009 - 13:17:12
terrible article because there is no ban

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