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Elite LAN Announces Tournament

NEW CITY, New York – Shortly after the creation of their LAN center in New York, Elite LAN has announced their first trial tournament featuring at least $1800 in prizes.

Elite LAN, a new LAN center in New York and described by many as the new big LAN for the northeast part of the country, has announced an ambitious starter tournament which will have over $1800 dollars in prize money.

The tournament currently plans to have 16 teams max, but if more register, there will be more slots available.

The event will take place on August 22-23 and the price will be $40 dollars a person prepaid or $50 dollars a person at the door.

The event will start with group play on Day One and a double elimination bracket on Day Two.

Teams that have shown interest and might attend are carpe diem, uNv, blight, Infamy and Morbid, as well as a pug reportedly led by Kevin ‘aZn’ Wang.  David ’Savi0r’ Park will also be in attendance as an admin.

Full details below:

Counter-Strike 1.6 Tournament
August 22 2009

170 North Main St Suite E
New City, NY 10956
(845) 708 5395

-Registration Information-

$40/person Prepay(paypal/credit card)
$50/person At the Door
(Website and paypal adress will be released later for registration)

Registration is on a first come first serve basis.
The first confirmed teams will be admitted into the event. All teams must have at least 3 of 5 players.
There will be NO refunds provided once a registration payment has been made.

***Tournament is capped at 16 teams, unless more teams prepay***

-Prizing- (percentages based off 16 teams participating)

1st: - $1400
2nd: - $400
3rd: - $200

Maps: Dust2, Train, Nuke, Inferno.
CEVO Rules, tournament is run by experienced LAN admins.

Group A: 10:00AM
Group B: 12:30PM
Group C: 3:00PM
Group D: 5:30PM

-Tournament Format-

Day 1: Round robin, 4 groups of 4, top 2 teams advance
Day 2: Double Elimination

-Game Settings-


-Computer Specs-

Intel(R)Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00 GHz 3.01 Ghz
Memory(Ram) 4 GB
ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series

****Show up at least half hour before your group time****

The following actions ARE ALLOWED during a game:

* Throwing grenades over walls or roofs
* Binding “stopsound” to any single key that does not perform another action
* There is no restriction on the amount of grenades purchased
* Bunny hopping is allowed without a script
* Silent running is allowed without a script

The following actions are strictly prohibited during a match and may result in a warning, round loss or disqualification of a player or team from the tournament:

Using the console at any time
* Any form of a script
* Using bugs/glitches which change the game principle (i.e. spawn bugs)
* Moving through walls, floors or roofs
* “Silent Bomb Plants” (i.e. planting a bomb which doesn’t make sound)
* Planting a bomb so that it cannot be defused, this does not include planting a bomb that requires multiple players to defuse
* Defusing a bomb through walls or roofs
* Boosting with the help of another player is allowed in general, but is illegal in places where textures, walls, ceilings or floors become transparent or penetrable
* “Flashbugs” (i.e. throwing a flash grenade that flashes an area where the player can not clearly see the flash grenade)
* Throwing grenades under walls
* Binding “+duck” to the mouse wheel
* Once a player is killed, their screen will fade to black. Once a player’s screen is completely black as a result from death, they are no longer allowed to verbally communicate with other players.
* External voice communication programs or software are NOT allowed (i.e. ventrillo is not allowed)
* Players may not hold the TAB key after death to indicate to teammates whether the opposing team is carrying a BOMB or not


NOTE: You MUST be able to play in any of the groups on Saturday, August 22nd, 2009. No requests for specific start times will be accepted.

NOTE: No alcohol on the premises. Any team caught with alcohol, or illegal substances will be immediately disqualified with no refund

No outside Food or Drinks will be Allowed. Snacks and Drinks are available for purchase.

REMINDER: All players must bring their own keyboard, mouse, headset, and mousepad. There will be no available equipment to borrow or rent.  

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quote#1 US peawok 13/07/2009 - 21:13:08
sounds like fun. hope i can make it! =]

quote#2 US Nyte 13/07/2009 - 22:02:42
Yup, Its the place to be heh, #EliteLan any questions feel free to ask Me, RickyB, Savior or Crass

quote#3 US RickyB 14/07/2009 - 13:23:09
well ill be there :). its its going to be a lot of fun, were bring back eastcoast gaming baby!!!!

quote#4 US JimmyNR 14/07/2009 - 15:36:13
sounds good :)

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