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Savi0r Joins Blight Gaming

INSIDER ESPORTS --Former CompLexity player David "Savi0r" Park has joined Blight Gaming as their 1.6 coach.

As hinted at in an interview with us, Blight Gaming has added a 1.6 coach for their team, Dynasty, who they picked up this past week.

"They will be having a strict practice regiment as well as some of the best players ever to touch 1.6 coaching them and traveling to their LANs to help the team grow with the funding they are getting now they are able to attend 200% more LANs than before," Blight manager, James 'blackfoger' Larsen, said in an interview with us.

Blight Gaming has finally confirmed the addition of Savi0r.

"Savi0r has joined Blight as the CS 1.6 manager part time," said Larsen. "He will be doing more -- and much bigger -- things for Blight in the future as well."

He declined to say what the bigger things will be.

Savi0r was not available for comment, but Larsen said that he is definitely interested in the Blight organization.

There was no immediate word on whether or not Savi0r has left his Counter Strike team, Hiatus.

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quote#1 CA Quartz 13/07/2009 - 22:08:26
"Foger: At this time I can only say a former 1.6 player that was won over 20 LANs, some of them international, and a head staff worker for WCG that use to play 1.6 during the CPL days."

When the fuck did Savi0r win an international event? And if you bring up American qualifiers, I'll throw a brick through your face.

Let's go, I am willing to admit I'm wrong here, but let's see what ya got :)

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