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Playbook: Back2Back on de_train
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Playbook: Back2Back on de_train

INSIDER ESPORTS -- As promised, Jimbo 'sox_ious' Robinson is back to show you what 00, formally known as iDemise and now known as Back2Back, do on de_train.

As always, this playbook comes from Back2Back's last three de_train matches.

Back2Back is a very strong team on de_train.  They won all four of their matches on the map, with wins over Blight Gaming -- twice, I should mention -- Evil Geniuses and Blight Gaming.

After creating the playbook, I noticed that it is very simple but pretty much all they do. Their goals are to control middle and prevent an early rush outside. Still, however, there should be a few things everyone can learn here.

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This round starts off by four of the five members going white halls rather quickly. Zid is the bomb carrier here as he drops the bomb on the ground inside that isn’t visible to any CT’s at that time as he spots and then slowly makes his way into the inner bombsite accompanied by iNERTiA with the bomb (they are hoping for the inner guys to rotate on the fake outside.)  nAZ, spyro, and iNERTiA make their way down ladder room where we see nAZ throw a specific smoke grenade to block off the bomb train lane, followed by a flashbang high over the popdog train.  Their job here is to sell a fake outside, along with hazard, who is lurking around t-middle area.  Hazards job here is to spot z-connector for anyone who may push out towards ladder room.

Note: All pictures can be clicked for the full size.









Their Eco Round was a pretty simple strat really, they rushed white halls rather quickly and tried to get the bomb down in the inner bombsite.







Note: You may also see a quick 1-4 split straight glock save as well.  Four guys heading out of “ladder room,” and the other guy delaying out middle.



This strategy looked to be based off of spawns, and it was a quick rush out of t-middle and into the train yard.  Hazard was the first guy out of middle so we see him throwing a smoke grenade off of red-6 followed by a flashbang off the back of close-5.  nAZ would be the next guy out of t-middle so his smoke grenade goes down beside “6-train” to give them cover from any CT that may be alley-lane or hell area.  Spyro is the third guy out t-middle and his only job is to flash over pop dog train to blind any CT that may be quick out of z-connector or trying to push ladder room. Zid is headed off towards ladder room by himself, quickly getting down the ladder and throwing this specific smoke grenade.  iNERTiA being the last guy, makes his way down alley not throwing any strat-specific nades anywhere.







This teams pretty much ran the same default strat outside, except occasionally you would see zid awping out of ladder room instead of an AK-47.  They also ran a slower strat, that ended up with iNERTiA, spyro, and nAZ working slowly down alley, and hazard and zid working slowly down ladder room.




This strategy is pretty much become a default pistol round for a lot of teams around the world.  They have one guy (iNERTiA) inside spotting lower ramp for a sign of any terrorist.  While the other four members push outside into the train yard.  In this particular set up, hazard and naZ both push out of 6-lane towards the hell area, while zid and spyro both push push out z-connector spotting t-middle.









This round looks almost identically to the pistol round they ran before, they stack four of their members outside in the train yard, and iNERTiA spotting lower ramp inside as usual.


This round starts off with zid making his way into the z-connector with his AWP for a quick pick intot-middle.  Zid is basically a quick rotator for any inside pushers to assist his teammate iNERTiA inside. iNERTiA again starts the round off playing inside alone, again spotting the lower-ramp area.  He pushes up in hopes of hearing any noise from the White halls or ladder room area.








Hazard makes his way towards alley lane throwing a flash bang off the wall down 6 train, blinding anyone who may quickly push out of t-middle.  Spyro makes his way out of CT Spawn running down 5-alley, he throws a flashbang down 5-alley allowing his to be able to get in hell, and eventually making his way up into heaven.  nAZ is basically doing nothing special on this round, he makes his way from CT Spawn, to the back of 5-train.  He squats underneath the hitch here and spots towards popdog train and ladder room.







All in all, 00 plays a pretty basic CT-Side setup.  Their weakness seems to be that they only play one inside, with a quick z-connecter rotator, usually in the form of an AWP and zid.



Easy does it is Back2Back's strategy. They look to avoid a fast attack outside, which most top teams seem to do.  An early rush outside through the middle doors could hurt them. Someone like CompLexity, who is known for their triple nade into hell, might easily destroy Spyro, giving them good access to the outer bombsite. Still, they retain that solid 1-4 defense, leaving only iNERTiA inside for defense.



CompLexity on de_dust2

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quote#1 US peawok 10/07/2009 - 23:10:33
Short and basic, but still insightful. Sometimes gamers forget that top teams still use basic setups just like they do =]

Can't wait for the third installment. Will we see EG next?!

quote#2 US soxious 11/07/2009 - 17:57:51
EG next is a huge possibility =]

quote#3 US JimmyNR 14/07/2009 - 15:40:35
good post.

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