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Blight Gaming Adds Devious

INSIDER ESPORTS -- Blight Gaming has announced the addition of Devious, another CEVO Professional team, as their Canadian Counter Strike team.

Blight Gaming has been moving quickly to establish themselves in the Counter Strike world. Mostly from unconventional eSports games such as Star Wars Battlefront 2, Blight has now added Devious -- a CEVO Professional team -- to their organization. This comes immediately after yesterday's announcement, where the organization picked up Dynasty.

"I am very happy with the signing of this team, they are a friendly bunch of players that have the drive to win without our organization having to mention it," said James "blackfoger" Larsen in a public statement. "From what I've seen they will do very well at WCG Canada which they are attending for us. I have high hopes for our new Canadian team in the near future along with the aquisition of our new top 1.6 manager who will be helping them along the way."

Scott "bishop" Bishop, captain of Devious, said that "with the support of Blight, we're going to be taking an enormous step in the right direction. Blight has shown that they are interested in picking up great talent and developing that skill even further. We have high hopes for ourselves and Blight. With the financial support they are able to grant us, we will be able to attend more LANs and prove that we can compete amongst North America's best."

You can read an interview with Devious here.

An interview with Blight can be found here.

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