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Foger of Blight Gaming Interviewed

INSIDER ESPORTS – Michael Fleming sits down with James ‘blackfoger’ Larsen to talk about Dynasty’s transfer to Blight Gaming.

Was there something in specific that drew your towards Dynasty Gaming?

Foger: Well, they approached us actually. We talked with a few American teams but most didn’t seem to have the drive. Some had to big of egos as well but Dynasty seems like the perfect mix of skill and professionalism which is the one thing Blight Gaming strives for. The current way eSports is does not represent how it should be and Blight will only pick up respectful, professional teams.

Dynasty has not been a top contender in ESEA Invite as far as record goes and are only narrowly going to ESEA playoffs, due to the death of NSU. How will the team and your organization correct their problems?

Foger: They will be having a strict practice regiment as well as some of the best players ever to touch 1.6 coaching them and traveling to their  LANs to help the team grow with the funding they are getting now they are able to attend 200% more LANs than before.

They will also be bootcamping in Seattle for a bit and somewhere outside the nation which will be announced later.

They can easily be top three; They just need the right organization and management added to them.

What players will be assisting the team?

Foger: At this time I can only say a former 1.6 player that was won over 20 LANs, some of them international, and a head staff worker for WCG that use to play 1.6 during the CPL days.

What are your expectations for the team for the remainder of the year?

Foger: To place a lot better in CEVO Professional during the season and place well in the ESEA playoffs – which will happen – and to place in the money for CEVO Professional as well. We also want to better our team and their chemistry as a whole.


Outside of this pickup, is there anything else fans should look forward to from the Blight organization?

Foger: Our Canadian 1.6 team will be announced before July 20th and other things to come.

Is there anything else you would like to say to all your fans and readers?

Foger: I ask fans to idle #blight@gamsurge.net, as we will be helping eSports with a brand new concept to all of eSports. The next month should be very interesting, and we can’t wait to see what the community thinks.

With all that being said, I can sit here and say that within the next few months a lot of people will recognize a huge change now that we finally have a new home and can finally put our all into our game. Sit back and watch.

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quote#1 CA Quartz 13/07/2009 - 22:08:27
"Foger: At this time I can only say a former 1.6 player that was won over 20 LANs, some of them international, and a head staff worker for WCG that use to play 1.6 during the CPL days."

When the fuck did Savi0r win an international event? And if you bring up American qualifiers, I'll throw a brick through your face.

Let's go, I am willing to admit I'm wrong here, but let's see what ya got :)

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