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Blight gaming Acquires Dynasty

INSIDER ESPORTS -- After some time without a sponsor, Dynasty moves to Blight Gaming.

Dynasty Gaming -- not a former off shoot of the Dynasty paintball organization as many believe -- closed down back in the middle of 2008, leaving their teams without any means to pay for travel to the numerous LAN events across the country.

Their former Counter Strike squad has recently come back strong in ESEA and will be in CEVO Professional, but still had yet to get a sponsor.

This has now changed, as Blight Gaming, a newcomer to the eSports Counter Strike scene has offered the team a sponsorship. Team captain Clive "cJ_B" Banarsee had this to say:

“After talking to Blight Gaming's owner James for some time, the team and I decided it is the right move for us. We needed an organization to represent and help give us the support to be where we need to be. I see great things in this organization.”

“Although they aren't currently one of the organizations the community is familiar with. It won’t be long until the community recognizes their name. With the financial backing to attend LAN's and salaries, it should give us a boost when it comes to we should be on the standings.  We will be attending the upcoming WCG Shoot-Out in New York and the ESEA Invite playoffs LAN in Texas.”

New Blight Lineup:

  Cj "cJ_B" Banarsee
  Christopher "Projeckt" Costoso
  Don "b33f" Frain
  Michael "chE" Guevara
  Jasper "sfx" Ko

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