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INSIDER ESPORTS - Insider eSports member Justin 'Web' Haynes sits down with Shk and Bishop of Devious, one of the new CEVO Professional teams.

When I was writing up my CEVO preview, I came across Devious and thought "who are these guys?" Their experience was relatively small and I for a short second thought it might have been a mistake that they were in the division.

Anyway, I spoke with the team  for a few minutes to figure out who they are and how they will improve their game for the season.

What were the circumstances that led to the creation and building of devious? What have you done to win and what keeps you motivated to play on a professional team, while balancing other things in life?

Bishop: Around 5 months ago was the demise of Motus - the former team that won the Northwest LAN's, placed first at ESWC Canada 08 and third at WCG Canada 08.  Two of the players, eleiNt and Semphis, decided that they wanted to create a team that could be the best in Canada and compete with the top teams in North America. That led to the searching for local Northwest Canadians that could compete and have the potential to develop into strong players. They then contacted ocean (a former Motus player), techtroN and myself to finish the lineup. We had the same goals in mind and we played almost everyday with goals in mind of reaching CEVO Professional, ESEA Invite and winning WCG Canada.

Only recently we picked up phz5 (also a former Motus player) in place of ocean due to time constraints and personal issues ocean was dealing with. He is a great addition to the team and brings a lot of enthusiam. He's going to be contributing a lot to this team and will be a huge part of our success. We were able to win as we all put in the time and effort to develop a lot of chemistry early on so we could reach professional in our first CEVO season. We're still learning and putting in the effort to further develop our talent to become one of the best. We are a new team and this is the first time we've all had the opportunity to play with North America's best.

Do you feel limited in the eSports community by being a relatively new organization?

Davin 'shk' Sperling: We here at Devious do not feel limited in anyway; we believe with enough hard work and the drive to do something, we can achieve anything and that we have done so thus far. We don't plan on letting anything get in our way.


Are there any obstacles you've had to overcome to make it this far, and how confident are you that the team will continue to prosper?

Davin: With being a new team or organization you are always going to have to face obstacles; to say we havn't faced any would be dumb. We have faced our fair share of them and have bounced back and got stronger from each one. With a new team like us already reaching CEVO-P was the biggest obstacle we could have overcome. Our team just recently expanded into an organization, showing you we have already grown. We have a lot more coming your way, and a fair share of ideas and community news that has yet to be relseased!

What are some of the main goals for Devious? Do you plan on attending any major lans?

Bishop: Our goals in Devious are to to become a top 5 North American team and to be the #1 team in Canada. We plan on attending VS LAN Aug 1st, as well as attending the WCG Canada Finals Aug 28th-30th. Without financial backing and support, we're probably not going to be able to attend many North American LAN's as we're pretty much all students and can't afford to do so. However, we are attending WCG Canadian finals where we hope to place first which would award us the oppotunity to compete against the world's best in Chengdu, China.

Our current and only sponsors are crazedhosting for our hosting and Jarhead Servers for our ventrilo. We are still looking for the best server providing sponsor out there! If you would like to possibly sponsor Devious please PM Davin "Shk" Sperling in IRC #devious on the GameSurge Network.

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