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WGT Titans League Week 1 & 2 Recap

WGTour.com - Get brought up to speed on the first two weeks of happenings in the WGT Titans League with Alex "AGar" Gardner's recap of the first two weeks of events.

 The WGT Titans League was announced at the end of May as a replacement for the WGT Clan League. Instead of a large league with over 100 teams and 13 divisions, WGT was scaling down to a 10 team league of the best teams. Teams like ESC.ICY-BOX and Templars of Twilight were seeded in while teams like Evil Geniuses, mTw 360° Gaming and Team Energy, among others, would fight it out in an 8 team qualifying division

 After the qualifiers finished, mTw 360° Gaming and Old School Reborn qualified for the Titans League, joining ESC.ICY-BOX, Templars of Twilight, Los Reyes Del Mambo and 5 other teams in the 9 week bout. The first weeks draws started things off right. The headliner match pitted Templars of Twilight against RoX.KIS. The two powerhouse teams fought it out hard and well, with RoX.KIS coming out on top in the end 3-2. Both players brought top lineups, but RoX's 2v2 made the difference, with BRAT_OK and DIMAGA's experience outdoing Mondragon and aCe. Meanwhile, ESC took a commanding lead over the league with a 5-0 victory over mTw, nabbing 6 points for themselves. eXpertise also got off to a strong start, winning 4-1 over Old School Reborn. Los Reyes del Mambo cleaned up against Speedlink as well. LRM recently bolstered their roster by adding the remnants of a disbanded Sky.G team, so they have a lot to bring to the table nowadays. Also, ZZZ overcame a very weakened Nerds @ Work squad, who recently lost a lot of their best players to rival Swedish squad BW-.

  The second week of play wasn't shocking at all. ESC continued their dominance, this time wrecking osR 4-1. Templars of Twilight got their bearings straightened out and 3-2'd ZZZ, showing that they're still a force to be reckoned with. Speedlink once again got dominated, losing 4-1 to RoX.KIS, who are seeming to be possibly unstoppable at this point. LRM once again rode Fenix, hanniGan and Pike to victory, this time over mTw. Finally, Nerds @ Work upset eXpertise, 3-2. They brought the heat and eXpertise couldn't seem to handle it and fell to 1-1.

 After two weeks of play, the standings look like this:


Team Record Points
Germany ESC.ICY-BOX 2-0 11
Russia RoX.KIS 2-0 9
Spain Los Reyes del Mambo 2-0 8
United States of America eXpertise 1-1 7
European Union Templars of Twilight 1-1 6
Poland ZZZ 1-1 6
Sweden Nerds @ Work 1-1 6
Germany Speedlink.SC 0-2 3
Germany mTw 360° Gaming 0-2 2
Chile Oldschool Reborn 0-2 2

The third week of play will see eXpertise face-off against Templars of Twilight, as well as four other matches. Check back for a preview later this week and results next Tuesday!

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